Pure Sound P-10/T-10 Test

For the amplification of MC signals, the pure sound of P-10 needs the help of a transformer. We have tested the phono stage otherwise sounds like.

A few parts, with meticulous care chosen and placed – a look at the pure sound reveals, that this preamp is a member of the “less is more” philosophy: two double Triodes (ECC83 and ECC88) do the amplification of MM signals, purely passive filter correct the RIAA frequency response curve, negative feedback as a linearizing measure is eliminated without substitution. Even more elaborate Pure Sound has laid out then the power of the tubes – the sensitive tubes may enjoy squeaky-clean working voltages, the steel housing and more internal bulkheads keep reliable outside interference fields.

For MC, P10 (700 euros) needs external help in the form of in-house transformer T10 (360 euros). Noble, put wrapped Mini transformers on cores from Mumetall in this box the tiny voltages in the ratio 1:18 or 1:32 high. Because the MC System according to selected gain a correspondingly different load impedance “sees”, the louder position is not always better – that Merlo reference about harmonized TRANS rotor with low gain best.

Pure sound P-10/T-10: listening test

Transformer typical, but amazing for the price range, the pure sound in the hearing test noticed this, you first not listened to him. The put on sticking with the snaps the needle in the Groove, then simply came out of nowhere – as well as the following music, the finest moves before an absolutely silent, pitch-black background and if necessary – around with “excellent birds” unfolded by the reissue of the Peter Gabriel hit “with explosive coarse Dynamics “. The only concession he demanded purists was that the P10 with MC sounded somewhat slimmer than the other amps.