Quechua-So Light 0°C Sleeping Bag Reviews

Quechua-So Light 0°C

Shell: Polyester

Cloth: polyamide

Filling: Polyester

Construction: anti-cold flap under zip, collar and shoulder all shaped hood with drawstring 2, compression cover

Comfort temperature: 0 ° C

Temperature limit of comfort:-5 ° C

Extreme temperature: NC

Weight: g 1623

price: € 79.95

Our opinion: warmth and comfort await you. The entire stretch is surprisingly offering excellent freedom of movement. The packing of sleeping bag is more than generous, says  cheeroutdoor.com, especially to sensitive areas such as along the closure Zip, while its thickness and its excellent give the impression that perfectly adapts to the position of the sleeper. Special mention to setting two points of the hood and neck, taking place almost in one hand. The thick lining is perhaps the coarsest (less sweet) we had the opportunity to test, but the final sensation proves strangely comforting and pleasant enough: go figure … Finally, like the sliding cover double zipper, which is accessible from the inside makes operations much simpler when entering or exiting. Two remarks, however come to mind: the outer fabric is quite slippery, so is better not to move if it does not fall from his mattress. The compression sack is itself really small for the size of the sleeping bag, making storage

more than tedious. A pretty nice achievement nonetheless.