Question: Pink Shirt?

Hi. My name is Oliver and I have a question I got from so many others, and I’m starting to wonder a little bit myself. I just bought my first pink shirt and I was wondering what color on slipovern can fit into it, and the color of the tie can fit into this bright shirt? Thanks in advance best regards Oliver P

Pink shirts is a controversial subject. The majority has sworn himself hoarse over its existence and promised themselves to never wear pink shirts after years of abuse from sartorialt semibrats. Although it is not an entirely simple skjortfärg to master it should not, however, be ruled out completely.

There is, in my opinion, two ways to wear the pink shirt. Either in the British style with fasanprydda ties and mollskinnskavajer. Because the odd color combination is an obvious element of this style direction, there is no direct restrictions. A unique and eccentric color combination is rather a sign of a successful Anglophile.

For those who rarely wears tweed and paisleymönstrade pocket squares, there is however other rules. For shirts and ties applies generally to the tie should never be lighter than the shirt. This is especially apparent when it comes to pink shirts. Unless you want to look like the last Joker in Melodifestivalen.

The most important thing to keep in mind to successfully match the pink shirt is to create contrasts, especially if it’s a pink shirt without pattern.Black, dark blue and grey are good colors for the tie. Likewise recommended ties with rough texture. For winter, the ylleslipsar Supreme, while coarse knitted silk ties are more suitable for the summer.

When it comes to choosing the color of the pullover applies a bit of the same thing here. Grey and dark blue suits almost always. A personal favorite is the pink shirt with camel pullover, which is a color that is suitable for the most part. It is of course possible to combine with other pastel colors, but it depends on the strength of the pink hue. Overall, usually a weaker by the shade of pink to be easier to combine with other colors.