Quiz Duel Vs. QuizUp

On the occasion of the launch of quiz duel in the first public broadcasters (ARD), we want to make a comparison between the two most famous quiz apps. QuizUp is available only for a month in German, and already it has been more than 1 million times downloaded. Quiz duel was already more than 10,000,000 times downloaded. She is already so well known that decided the first, the app to include in the programme in and everyone there can be between 18 and 19: 00.

But what distinguishes these two apps so much? In fact, both are created equal. It raises questions, and fought a duel with other people. However, there are some differences which we will explain.

In quiz duel to play 6 laps, with each round contains 3 questions. In each round, you or your opponent alternately from 3 any themes may choose. There are only 19 subjects that are available. You look at QuizUp, here as many subject areas can be found. About 400 are currently available in German, English even more. The difference here, however, is that you to pick a topic and here plays against the opponents.Pro game there are 7 questions, where the last question twice as much is evaluated.

Quiz duel has 20 seconds to answer a question, at QuizUp only 10 seconds. In the app quiz duel it’s only, to answer the question right or wrong. Thus, you can reach up to 18 points. QuizUp but you must respond quickly, to get the maximum number of points. Each question, you will get 20 points, in the last question (bonus question) even 40. You get a bonus when answering the last question and a winning bonus.Maximum you can get 300 points. While playing live at QuizUp, you have time until you want to answer the next question or wants to start the next round quiz duel. I.e. a game with QuizUp takes maximum 1:30 minutes, while it can take even a day long in quiz duel.

The ranking for the two apps, one must say that you must have the premium version in quiz duel to see this. This is free at QuizUp. It is distinguished not only among friends, but can also see how well it is local, national or international. Also in quiz duel, one can distinguish between friends and throughout the country. QuizUp in each topic area to get a certain ranking and can reach a new level by experience “XP” (Experience Points). By design, the QuizUp app I like personally, because it is simple and farblicher. Quiz duel has lots of blue and green. The price is also crucial. While quiz duel makes many smears in the free version, all features are free of charge at QuizUp. You can buy a XP booster optional, where for an hour double/triple/quadruple as many XP’s are earned. I believe QuizUp is better, where quiz duel is currently more popular. What is better?