RC Tanks

Among the vehicles radio control could not miss, of course, the RC tanks. Due to its versatility, the larger models can move on a different surface (land or water) and up to shoot projectiles, which, added to the

Like all radio control vehicles, tanks also come in mini versions, scale 1 at 30 or more small, manufactured in plastic. These models operate on a single rechargeable battery. But, anyhow, have a wide range of movements: they can go forward and backward, turn, and the turret moves independently.

The slightly larger models (starting from scale 1:24, for example see http://www.historyaah.com/kyosho-rc.html) they have several speeds, both forward and reverse, chains can be controlled independently, and can climb slopes of 35 degrees or more. The number of radio channels that use depends on the functions of the tank. These larger tanks use two NI-CD batteries.

They may have two different trigger systems: System Airsoft shoot jacks that can reach a distance of 25 meters. It emits smoke and a sound similar to the real tanks, and also imitates the movements of normal recoil that occurs to the shoot. The other system is the infrared. Not shoot jacks but infrared rays. If one of these RC tanks is reached by an infrared beam emitted by another tank, it makes a sound and light effects.

You might wonder how could an RC tank being hit by a shot from another tank. Because, well, you should know that fans these models invited to meet quite special. More than meetings, are real battles, in which each operator looks like their strategic skills. The jacks are sold as accessories separately, so never lack ammunition.

That Yes, if you plan to get involved in one of these battles, we advise that you dismiss the idea of facing The world’s largest RC tank: is the King Tiger, the German Tiger, in 1:4 scale replica. Its two engines are so powerful that it can even drag a car.

If you want to know more about RC tanks, we advise you to visit the site of the link, where you will find lots of interesting information.