Ready For the Holidays: Luggage Check in the Bag Department Store

We are ready for the warm time of year and this also means for us: holiday planning for the year! Weekend trips, summer vacations and and and – at the same time the case check takes place. Work still all roles, zippers, and most importantly, fit everything for my next trip in the suitcase or backpack, or must I buy even a new travel bag?

You need new travel accessories, but not sure whether travel bag, suitcase or a backpack but is better for you? Then aviationopedia prepares a small check list, which you can find out which piece of luggage to you and your planned holiday fits here.

  1. what kind ofis the trip ? Holiday in the hotel, backpack adventure or weekend break in the Spa Hotel?

> > For backpackers, backpacks are a good solution, because the backpacking perfectly balance the load on your back and are now so well thought out and practical, that nobody has more sweat on the back. In addition, so your hands are free for map, compass, camera, or just a delicious drink.

> > For hotel holidays, regardless how long, we recommend rolling travel bag or suitcase with wheels and trolleys. If you must carry his luggage from A to B for example only at the airport or by car on the road is, these items prove quite handy. In addition, case for order and a generally clear internal distribution are known.

> > For the family holiday, it is important to take advantage of luggage, which is perfectly adapted to all needs. Special baggage for children ensures the necessary anatomical features and inspired by colorful designs. Some manufacturers offer finished trolley sets, where for large and small, a piece of luggage is included. So that you don’t forget anything important, a packing list is very helpful – we have put one together for you for family holidays .

Whether the individual taste & comfort choose backpack, travel bag, or trolley-

  1. size: how long I stay away and how many things have to? No matter whether backpack, trolley or bag – luggage there in many different sizes, so that for each trip and each type is suitable here. Just before the holiday decide how much luggage at the end with must be and. For the smallest there is no special Kindertrolleys or children travel bag, in which only the things of the kids fit, but what can be transported due to the small size of the children themselves.

Size, style and weight are crucial

  1. weight: Anights on the basic weight of suitcase or travel bag. This is important especially for air travel. The airlines have meanwhile strict baggage allowances, so that a light weight is critical. Even with the back pack trip, the weight is not to be neglected, at least one must carry the Backpack on the back. Also weekender or travel bags must be carried even what can go on long lines on the back.

> > Backpacks, Duffels or soft luggage are usually lighter than hard shell case, although these are now made of lightweight polycarbonate and on average weigh only 3-5 kg.

>> If you with the car on the way are and plan to stay only a few days, is a weekender or a travel bag quite practical and chic – especially if you have much luggage and carry this short or long. Otherwise are also manoeuvrable trolley – Trolley models with 4 rolls are my favorite by the way.

  1. style: when you have decided what kind of luggage you want to travel, you must decide for a look and a brand. You already have experience with travel luggage manufacturers, there are favorite brands? What suits you, rather something colorful or monochrome? Especially for air travel, we recommend colored case, because you are not only faster to recognize on the carousel, but are also less confused or stolen.

At the end, there is a relaxed trip, take enough time to find the right piece of luggage. I’m definitely the type of spinner, so carry-ons 4 wheels. I love the agile roles and the clear rules on the inside of the case. So you find quickly what you are looking for and also the things wrinkle much less. With huge bags I quickly lose track – and patience

Do you already know what kind of luggage you start on the next holiday?