Reasons For Buying Shoes

Although the closet is already full up, another pair of shoes needs to be made! But it has not been a cliché for a long time, because even studies show the fascination of pumps, sandals&co on women. But why are shoes bought?

Shoes Release Happiness Feelings

Once a shoe store is seen, every woman starts to smile and in most cases also puts in a small stop-over. But why?

Many studies show that shopping can be a source of happiness for women. Because shopping is often seen as a consolation plaster and women buy themselves with a new pair not only shoes but also feelings and dreams. It also distracts from the stress in the work, the friend or the best friend and donates comfort. Especially when it comes to changes, women first look for new shoes to feel feminine and at the same time sexy.

Shoe Size Does Not Change Suddenly

How good that our shoes can not give any answers, because the shoe size does not change with increasing age. So you have security with every purchase and the sense of happiness increases.

The advantage: woman can hoard her shoes well and especially long home. Even if the appropriate size is not in stock, a number smaller is bought. Then the shoes are only suitable for sitting, but the desire to have a nice shoe is simply bigger than to find a suitable shoe and you just can not resist it.

Shoes Are Now A Status Symbol

If there is not enough money for a new car, then you want to set a mark with an expensive brand shoe-that is the motto of many women. They can give their outfit a statement and also emphasize their individual style. That’s why you also need the right shoe for every look! The flat boots do not fit properly, the high heels are too long and uncomfortable, the sandals too cold and the sneakers too casual-a shoe cabinet must be equipped for every day

There are many reasons why women are so attached to shoes. They steer away from stress and problems and take a few kilos too much on the ribs not bad! Because of happiness and good mood, not only do we benefit women, right?

So go to the next shopping street or simply comfortably from home on I’m shoes shopping!