Relax Guide: Top 5 Wellness Hotels Spa Deluxe

Relax at the top level:we present the five best German wellness hotels of the year.

More than 1300 hotels for wellness and health are available in Germany. They were all critically examined and evaluated by independent testers for the hotel guide “Relax-Guide 2013”.

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The best of them were then awarded in the categories health, health, wellness and beauty with up to four lilies.Only five wellness hotels in Germany could achieve this top result in 2013.They were convincing in all areas – including nature and location, ambience, equipment and quality of service.We present the five top hotels – all from the wellness category:

Spa at Wald- und Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe

The beaming winner: The Wald- und Schlosshotel Friedrichsruhe in Zweiflingen-Friedrichsruhe, near Heilbronn. The renowned guide has completely convinced the testers of the relaxation guide, so it was rated as the only hotel with a maximum score of 20 points. The 5-star-s-house has a spa, according to the guide “wonderfully spacious and so tastefully arranged, as hardly anywhere else in Germany”. The spa area also had spacious relaxation rooms, a Damensaunazone as well as yoga and pilates facilities.

Wellness at Strandhotel Georgshöhe

Even the location of the beach hotel Georgshöhe on Norderney speaks for itself. Situated directly on the sea, the view from the windows can be undisturbed by the sea. The hotel also owes its four lilies to the “beautifully modern and mostly well-equipped rooms”. The hotel’s extensive spa includes Panormasaunen, five different pools – including three seawater pools – and a Liegewiese.The “fabulous restaurant terrace” also pleased the auditors.

Relax in Bareiss

Last year the Hotel Bareiss was not among the top 5 in Baiersbronn-Mitteltal in the Black Forest. The child-friendly traditional house was closed due to the expansion of the wellness area, but in the meantime it has been re-opened and immediately received four lilies. The relaxation area now has a ladies’ spa, as well as additional saunas and rest rooms, “which are really gorgeous to look at (…):noble fabrics, generous reclining and seating furniture following Dictfurniture, fine sideboards.”The testers also liked the library, which provides exceptional refreshments – from smoothies to fruit ice – for the guests.

Relax in Elmau Castle

Luxury, a fairytale location and child-friendliness speak among other things for the castle Elmau near Garmisch Patenkirchen.The spacious spa area is divided into an area for children and one for adults.Also noteworthy were the 25-meter-long roof pool surrounded by the panorama of the mountainous landscape.What also convinced her was “the possibility of a breakfast in the bathrobe – even on the terrace.”But the outdoor area has even more to offer: pool, brook, sauna and massages under the open sky.

Relax in the Kranzbach

The Kranzbach is also located near Garmisch-Patenkirchen.The old-German castle, combined with a modern annex, not only pleases because of its ladies’spas, the nudist zone on the roof and most of the beach chairs in a German wellness hotel (240 in number).Also, traditional Chinese medicine, yoga, Pilates, and Qi Gong speak for themselves.However, the testers restrict the use of the kitchen, service and the quality of the treatments.”It seems as if everything is going to be halfway through again, and because of the location and wellness area are so fabulous, we will stay with four lilies this time.”

About the Relax-Guide 2013

2013 the Relax-Guide has already been published in the 12th edition. A total of 1341 hotels have been reviewed for the current edition, including 18 new hotels. 16 hotels are excluded from the review because they are either closed or without spa area. Worse rated than in 2012 were 67 hotels, including 18 hotels that lost their lilies altogether. In contrast to this, there are 55 hotels that were better rated than in the previous year’s edition, six of which rose to the circle of the Lilien hotels, which currently comprise only 224 houses.