RHA MA450i in the Short Test

In-ear headphones are a practical solution for the mobile music enjoyment. The small MA450i of RHA looks spiffy. But can he fulfill also audiophile sound claims?

Are often on the move and this love to hear music, want to carry a bulky ear-enclosing headphones but? Then, an Compact in-ear maybe is right for you. The Scottish manufacturer of RHA provides a model that has full iPod controls and built-in microphone on board with his MA450i.

Pleasing: Seven interchangeable silicone attachment pairs allow an perfect adaptation of the handset to the ear canal. Thus, not only bombproof sits the in-ear from Glasgow, but reached also a good sound insulation. The 10 mm driver, in whose development conducting sound a trumpet stood Godfather, sits in a partially black lacquered Aluminium housing.

RHA MA450i: hearing test

In combination with the good seat and the driver design was a very intense listening experience. The warm and at the same time richly detailed sound in “hug the Greyhound” by the Neil Cowley trio (“radio silence”) liked the AUDIO team doing particularly well. The RHA with ease piano runs and the concise drum roll is able to transmit. The deep and powerful bass with “Colleen” by the heavy (“great vengeance and furious fire”) took care of a lot of fun thanks to juicy kick drum sounds and E-bass lines.

The MA450i is online at our site and available at every Apple store for around 50 euros.