Rimmel London Rita Ora Nail Polish

Enamels and PENCIL lip, vitamin tones and bold names, for a determined look.The make-up collection by Rimmel London Rita Ora.

Brilliant Colors, ultravitaminici and super cool, pack manicured, with stamps in pop art style depicting the face of the new face of the fashion house here is the new line of makeup Rimmel London Rita Ora signed.

Rita now for Rimmel

Very young-he’s only 24 years-beautiful and blonde, Rita Ora is sweeping the world of international fashion for nail polish. Everyone wants their party, and big brands competed for her. So much so that we saw parading nothing less than for Moschino. Merit, as well as the skill of a beauty to cover that oozes character. Rock and sexy on stage, elegant and classy on social occasions.

And if the image Rita Ora gives of himself he is that of a young energetic and confident woman, equally bursting is the line makeup who signed for Rimmel. Enamels, from nude to red almost black, and lipsticks in different shades pink. One more intriguing than the other, starting with the name.

Glazes 60 seconds

Yes, because if you expect to find neutral color definitions, you are wrong. A strong character, and a certain amount of cheekiness, transform the white in white hot love, the nude in  let’s get naked, the pink clear in lose your lingerie. And again: the ‘pale blue is pillow talk, a chat as a cushion; the light green breakfast in bed, breakfast in bed, the water  is clear:  do  not disturb , blue urges: blindfold me. L ‘orange? Not a simple orange, but a orangasm, the red diamond is raw as night, the dark (almost black) is the Red Rita. In short, as warns the fuchsia, do not be shy, the new glazes Rimmel London banning shyness. And they do it in 60 seconds. Brush off for easy application, fast drying, full colors, discreet opacity.

Lips balm

Are fun PENCIL lip balm new color Color Rush Intense Long Lasting Colour Balm Rimmel by Rita Ora. More than a lip balm. A little ‘less than a lipstick. Aroma of vanilla, with action twist up for an application easier, a semi-gloss effect on the lips and a long life. Five colors proposed by Rita Ora, from red to purple, with names know all female whims: Make me blush, I Want Candy!, Two pink candy; Chic A Boom Boom, shocking pink, All You Need is pink, crimson and Viva Violet, berry.

A collection, that of Rita Ora for Rimmel, for all fans of make up who like to feel a bit ‘spoiled and pampered, indeed, spoil yourself and pamper yourself.