River Pearls

The discreet understatement of classic clothing demands at the elegant Lady the plain chandelier of a Pearl Necklace and matching earrings. Where large pendant made of gold or Platinum are showy and pretentious, a cleverly employed Pearl Necklace sets accents without deflecting the look of the face. Because unlike cold metal the noble natural product has a soft, warm glow.

But not only the classic Pearl has become firmly established in the jewelry world. Similar products are indispensable in manufacturing. Some of them are at least as exclusive as the Pearl itself. Others like to find use – for cheap, but stylish fashion jewelry and are there any filthy plastic imitation is far superior.

The Queen of this not-beads is the conch Pearl. It comes not from a freshwater pearl Mussel, but the conch Strombus of Gigas, which is almost only found in Caribbean waters. The conch Pearl has a delicate rose-colored glow but can in individual cases also downright pink or orange. Their rarity (it is estimated that only about 200 – 600 Pearl quality come every year in the trade) and have the unusual shade they will allow in particular for shoe designers to an insider’s tip. Whether it really is conch Pearls Pearl, is controversial, because their structure is a little different than in classic pearls.

The Melo Pearl is similar to exotic. She comes from a Nautilus shell, in this case the genus Melo. Sites lie mainly in the South of Asia. They often show a slight flame structure as it partly also when Conchperlen occurs. The Pearl is very rarely found in really good quality and correspondingly expensive. in 1999, a single Melo Pearl scored the proud price of $ 488.000,00 at an auction according to Mathgeneral.

Abalone pearls are not as prohibitive, but no less elegant. This is strictly speaking also of abalone not a shell, but a worm – what however doesn’t show you. While the colorful shimmering Pearlescent insides of the shells were processed early fashion jewelry, pearls are so far rather reserved connoisseurs. The often Baroque forms and a wide color range can be an ideal choice for individual designer jewelry are the Abaloneperle.

For many types of beads can be here but also with imitation Pearl in touch. From the case of Conchschnecke beads be turned occasionally, might be confused with the real Conchperlen on the first glance. Also the so-called oil beads are very popular. They are made from the shells of Trochusschnecken and get a Pearl-like gloss after polishing.