Rolex Submariner Watch Band

The design of the Rolex Submariner belongs to the most famous in the world-and also the most copied. Plagiarism is illegal, but the market of homages, look-a-likes and thus optical twins is the same size. A representative of this species is the Invicta Pro diver Invicta 8926 OB-a real budget Toolwatch.

Rolex Submariner Watch Band

According to Timedictionary, the Invicta watch brand is located in Hollywood, Florida – the roots go back however in the Switzerland. in 1837 founded Raphael Picard in La Chaux-de-Fonds company, first called R. Picard. Around 1890, the company was renamed in Fils de R. Picard, the trademark rights were at Invicta in family hands until the year 1970.

In 1991, the brand was taken over by a US investment company, the range is extremely varied and includes mechanical watches as well as very cheap quartz watches with Swiss movements.

For the mechanical middle class Japanese works are used.

In the case of the test clock calibre NH35 Seiko Instruments is currently assembled, the model was also for many  years with a Miyota 8205 available. The unadorned Seiko movement has 24 stones and a 41 hour power reserve. It has QuickSet and stop seconds as well as a hand-wound by the Crown. The yellow colored rotor, which brings some colour in the sadness of the undecorated vessels as regarding movement in addition to some information to the manufacturer sets a Visual accent. The watch case is made of stainless steel and water resistant to 200 meters. That seems to be also given, a test at a pressure of 5 ATM indemnify survived the clock.

The bracelet is made of stainless steel, the individual members are in three parts and solid. This is not a given in this class. The steel pins to which are connected the limbs to the sizing are a compromise. Here, screws would be the more beautiful, but also more expensive Variant. The clasp is made of simple, strong and punched sheets, the buckle is decorated with the Invicta logo. A safety bar prevents unintentional opening of the clasp. A fold-out extension for divers – we remind us of 200 meters waterproof-is however not available.

Dial and pointer follow famous model-in the basic design of black with characteristic light markings. But there are also significant differences: the indexes are less than for a Rolex, on the other hand, the Invicta logo is very present on the sheet. The second hand carries the winged logo of the brand as a counterweight also to the dot, which is significantly further to the edge of the Dial as in the Rolex Submariner.

The top and bottom glass are made of hardened mineral glass and are not coated. The date is magnified by a magnifying glass on the front glass. The rotating bezel working slightly scratchy, but locks in 120 steps against the clockwise direction. The scaled inlay aluminum provides for the classification of the diving or decompression time and follows the original from the Switzerland in optics. Amazing, though, are the speed values of the present clock: a check on the time scale, the deviation is in the available positions at 0 to 1 second up to maximum plus four seconds, measured at full lift in the hanging. The amplitude is seikotypisch not extremely high, but enough, and the waste error is 0.2 ms. Also on the arm the speed values are quite accurate, per week, the Invicta deviates less than 25 seconds. This is surprising in a clock, the for is to buy the 100 euros. This gait pattern does not change even after weeks.

Overall the clock offers money for it, amazingly much very much equivalent. Of course show some components that must be saved. Nevertheless, the housing is clean, deburred, the bottom seal is located in a Groove in the housing and ensures a good seal, without twisting the O-ring.

The clock through retailers, shopping channel and especially the Internet is distributed in Germany. The price varies with – almost 300 euro are current, but definitely non-binding price recommendation, the clock for 101,52 euro at Amazon is currently having. Who hits for this price, definitely has an excellent Toolwatch for every day.