Sack Dress Fashion

Style column

Author Marlene Sørensen clarifies issues of good taste. Of course highly subjective. This time it’s about: sack dresses

Men are really funny. Recently I was at a house party – where you go just so since no longer goes to House – along with three girlfriends and my friend George. I carried out my new high-cut jeans that evening. “You wear it now, yes?”, one of the friends asked me. “You have!”, I cried.

Said George: “who says?” I said: “Chloé! H & M! All of you!” He roared back: “Chloé, Schmoé. High jeans are stupid. You never prevail!” Since I have laughed at him. First is laugh at much more effective than discuss. And secondly: I’m going to keep right anyway.

Exactly the same thing told George before a few months even sack dresses.

And now? Now they are everywhere. Ahahaha. HA!

Actually weddinginfashion is so right: sack dresses – it would be nice wedding dress for summer, you would call them tunics, but who is already Nice in the fashion business – look extremely stupid.As maternity clothes. Only this is one since she is wearing any suddenly and after my costing at least a season long will no longer on.

The trend has established itself.

You should be beaten just him. Why? Because there is so much more fun than the boring, not join a trend just because he is a trend. Mackie. The sack dress is also a very democratic piece of clothing: all it just become misshapen look like Gisele Bündchen as well as I. So good get away so rarely in direct comparison with Gisele.

You must be not deterred by the way that the tunics in the shop so lifeless hanging like an old house coat on the hanger rail.

Together with a couple of dangerous high ankle boots it looks the same, as you would be skipped from the runway at Stella McCartney. And when to have opportunity, fashionable so far forward and at the same time convenient to have it ever? Sack dresses are very comfortable. And they fit always.

Should it happen that you spontaneously is loaded from the Office to a cocktail reception, one simply wraps has a wide belt, you of course are available for just such contingencies, the robe and – voilà – you wear a chic dress. You want to take even a snack after a boring cocktail reception: belt off and no one sees the Dönerplauze!

Probably carry well here so all black and walking tent far (today in the hallway: “Prada?”) “Nope, Zara.” “Awesome!”). But even more likely, because it can be these dresses, such as God mode, one give the feeling, you should sit in it in the Office. But rush with a ravishing brooding French hand-in-hand in Paris, say, on the way to a small private concert chez Carla Bruni.

But the biggest advantage of sack dresses is, and I Georg would have still said that:

So long we wear them, you can see less of the leggings, which we have under it. He, poor thing, namely also doesn’t like that.

Never make: These tough boots or flat shoes wear, looks plump. Exception: Ballerinas. But only together with a 40 den-tights.

Absolutely do it: As a balance to the playful dress strictly bind the hair. Courageous ones can cut back the hair on Jean Seberg length.

Don’t forget: Eye-catching accessories such as cocktail rings and long necklaces. The handbag: wholesale. Otherwise, it goes down in the dress.