Safety Equipment for Dogs

Fiber Optical LED Dog Collar with Nylon Webbing 6-Color Options Battery Powered Lighted Dog Body Leash with Nylon Webbing Optical Fiber D-Ring 3 Flashing Modes

The safety of your dog is very important, no matter whether it is on the dark walks or on sailing trip, so it is important that you have the right safety equipment for your dog. We have assembled a selection of security equipment for dogs, so you can ensure your dog. We cover a large selection of lights for dogs, which can be seen at a very long distance. The lamps are available in many colors and shapes, so you can choose exactly the one that fits to your dog. There is a number of dog’s liner and belts, all of which can be found with reflex or in colors, which is very evident in traffic.

Be seen in the darkness

In the polar night, it is important that both you and your dog are visible on your walks. Therefore, you can find miscellaneous reflections, lines with reflectors, light for dogs and little else, which means that in will be more visible. A reflex or a small lamp can be fixed in the collar and makes it safer for your dog, to move about in the darkness. However, it is also important as the owner, to be visible. There are also various vests, with built-in reflex and in garish colors that make your dog even more visible.

Security for the car

With us you can find special seatbelts for dogs, if you must drive a car. Always remember to buckle your dog fixed, if you do not have a transport bur or a transportation box. We also cover security liner so that you can attach your dog into the car’s seat belt, so your dog is safely and securely fastened when in is out and running.

Security to the boat

Is in out and often goes sailing or tours on the water, a life vest for your dog, be a fantastic idea. However, most dogs can swim, but it is always a good idea to be on the safe side. The water is cool or in is out in the open sea, it can lead to serious consequences, if your dog ends up in the water. Here you can find various life jackets for dogs, which are extremely effective. The quality is always top notch and we cover nicest dog’s life jackets in super cute designs and sizes for all dogs!