Samsung 530U3B-A02

The screen of the samsung 530U3B-A02 is coated in a bright environment that prevents distracting reflections. For this, the picture is not as contrasty as in the mirror-like competition. The 13.3-inch display has 1366 x 768 pixels.


Despite a core i7 processor (2637 M) with 1.7 ghz clock frequency and eight gigabytes of memory reaches the 530U3B-A02 no convincing work speed. Apparently, the combination of ordinary hard drive (466 GB) and SSD memory (15 GB) slows down the ultrabook in

some places. The macbook air (MC965) is faster despite core i5 processor. Overwhelm current games the integrated graphics chip.

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As operating system is windows 7 home premium in the 64-bit version installed. Samsung offers HDMI, VGA adapter, a network connection, as well as jacks for microphone and headphones. One of the three USB ports supports fast 3.0 technology. Wi-fi, a webcam and a memory-card slot are on board, bluetooth not.


Already in office applications samsung’s ultrabook can be heard at high load turn up the fan with a noise by up to 2.3 sone with 0.8 sone. The battery makes tuckered after approximately three hours and requires almost as much time to the electrical outlet until it has been loaded.


The monitor lid of the 530U3B-A02 is made of aluminium, the housing made of fibreglass. The sometimes sharp edges are unpleasant. It not very elegant looks, has no keyboard lights and weighs 1478 gramm.

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Conclusion: Samsung 530U3B-A02

The samsung 530U3B-A02 offers more storage space than other ultrabooks, but loses something at work speed. Three hours of battery life are skinny. Thanks to anti-reflective coating, the display also outdoors in the sunshine is good readable.

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Despite eight gigabytes of memory, and the samsung managed only an average driving speed of work of a core i7 processor. Apparently, the combination of ordinary hard drive (effectively 480 gigabytes) and SSD (16 gigabyte) memory slows down the system at some points. All other ultrabooks rely completely on ssds. Super: The screen’s antireflective coating that prevents distracting reflections. Processing: The ultra 530 has a monitor cover made of aluminium and a housing made of fibreglass, some sharp edges are but unpleasant. Order this product at amazon pro high pace of work anti-reflective display wide hard drive counter no keyboard lights sometimes sharp edge test note of editor 2.58 satisfying user rating now evaluate alternative: Toshiba portégé Z830-10 K.
The toshiba portégé Z830-10 K is a little faster and better equipped. It is very light, has a longer battery life, a UMTS modem and bluetooth. As a store, a 119-gigabyte SSD comes to the usage.