Samsung Ativ Tab in the Practice Test

With the start of Windows 8 was also a new operating system for tablets in the race. One of the first copies with the new OS is the Samsung Ativ tab.

Samsung Ativ tab: First impression

The latest generation of Windows has to offer finally also a variation as they are used in smartphones, but also in tablet devices based on ARM processor technology. Samsung not long burning and expanded its Tablet portfolio to a model with Windows RT: the Ativ tab. What it can, must show in practice a pre-production model.

On first impression the new look very good: the Ativ tab takes up the design of the Ativ S: the reverse shows same high-class metallic look. Look, mind you, because the housing is entirely made of plastic. The processing is very well protected, the front thanks to a cover of Gorilla glass from scratches.

The 10.1-inch display is in 16:9-format with a resolution of 1366 x 768 pixels therefore, as it is usual in the notebook sector. Also the brightness output is good, with 358 cd/m2 outdoors in the summer should be so nothing in the way stand.

Windows RT provides the tiles familiar from Windows phone, which can also individually arrange themselves. After a short training period, the finger very easy – operation succeeds where the Hardkey back always directly on the main.

A wiper from the right edge in the Middle opens a menu with the points of “Search”, “Parts”, “Devices”, “Settings” and “Start menu”. Wipe from left to right will bring an overview of app or the most recently accessed programs on the screen, a wipe from bottom to top. Stops are the single apps via wipe from top to bottom.

Traditionalists will appreciate also the desktop mode, which conjures up the classic Windows interface on the tablet. Because however, the start menu is missing, this is required only in special cases. For business use has the Ativ tab installed Office programs Word, Excel, PowerPoint and one note in the 2013.

The Snapdragon-S4 processor with 1,5 GHz coupled with 2 GB, memory is responsible for the liquid handling. At any time during the trial there was criticism of the performance of the Ativ tab. Not even to the storage facilities: the test device with 32 GB whopping 23.7 GB for the user remain reserved. The course can be also extended via MicroSD memory card. The slot is easily accessible on the front side of the tablets, there are is also a micro-HDMI – as well as a classical USB port for Flash drives, keyboard, or other USB accessories.

Samsung Ativ tab: Facilities

+ USB port for accessories


+ 23.7 GB of internal memory

-no UMTS

-nötg special charger (not via USB)

Samsung Ativ tab: Operation

+ good workmanship

+ intuitive operation

+ fine display

+ good performance

+ 8200 mAh battery

-Desktop surface limited by finger operated

Samsung Ativ tab: Buy or wait?

It is a pity that you must forgo UMTS and HSPA or even LTE; to date there is still no Ativ tab with mobile radio module – but what isn’t, can still be. The task is to install Windows on a Tablet has mastered Samsung anyway, with flying colors. This first example whets the appetite for more. Requires still a little patience until the start of the market. Samsung has called even priceless.

Technical data

  • Dimensions: 266 x 169 x 10 mm
  • Weight: 570 g
  • Processor: 1.5 GHz dual-core processor Snapdragon S4
  • Platform: Windows RT
  • Memory: 23.7 GB MiicrSD card expandable
  • Battery: mAh 8200