Samsung DA E 750 in Test

The docking station Samsung DA E 750 has a tube preamplifier, is equipped with top wireless technology and not only connects to Apple’s mobile devices. We have tested the dock.

Docking stations with tubes? Why not. The newest creation comes from Samsung; the ru? year Koreans build the precursor with Vacuum tubes and thus produce the typical upper clayey tube sound. Set the Samsung developer fully to digital technology in the final stages and produce fu? r the 2.1 system a power output of 100 watts RMS.

Fu? r is a Cradle of a quite fragwu the a high effort – a so fast moving product? we matter. As repeatedly made Apple changes to his universal dock connector. New mobile devices on the market, came the docks were not more feature comprehensively usable. Ju? ngstes example is the iPhone 5, which insert only an adapter into existing docks can be.

At this point, a change that the Samsung with its unfolds now docking station THERE E 750 is doing exemplary work. Although the existing Apple connector provides no security for the future, but there are now several options to stream the music Wireless from the mobile device on the Samsung dock.

Samsung DA E 750: Universal radio

The first variant is airplay, a wireless technology from the House of Apple, that of iPod touch, iPhone, iPad, or the DA E 750 can send music to computer with iTunes software installed. Is transmitted in the format Apple Lossless, so in original CD quality, also (not sound deteriorating) with the amount of compressed data. Fur the use of airplay must be an accessible Wi-FI radio network be active.

Also via Wi-FI , the DA-E 750 can receive the music AllShare based on what similar works such as DLNA/UPnP. It works as a UPnP control point, the mobile device gets the content from UPnP-server like Twonky u? precipitation home network up and sends it to the Samsung dock. The latter acts so as UPnP Renderer. Computer serve as storage or a LAN connection to the backend is NAS server as a network interface in the DA-E 750 in addition to Wi-FI? gung. As mobile devices are smartphones, mobile Internet devices (MID) or Tablet PCs of any manufacturer; the control-point functions are u? ber apps served and thus – depending on the app and manufacturer – to allow different comfort in addition to features.

A third option of wireless music transfer to the DA-E 750 Bluetooth is a radio technology that support from almost all smartphones – including iPhones – and -equipped PCs and laptops? is appreciated. The advantage of Bluetooth is that it is u? anywhere can be used and requires no extra wireless network Wi-Fi. The Hi-Fi fan must take but also a disadvantage in buying: the fur the music transfer used A2DP pro_7.0 l uses SBC kBit/sec just MP3 quality achieved with 128 as a standard codec. However Samsung into the docking station integrates also the apt-X Codec, has combined such ausgeru? constant mobile devices promises CD quality, and more. apt-X codecs can be found for example in the new Galaxy-III model, in various Galaxy tablet from Samsung, as well as some mobile phones by HTC and Nokia.

Samsung DA E 750: Dual docking connectors

Were previously virtually all docking stations fu? r iPhone and co. designed, allows the DA E 750 now plugging some of Galaxy Smartphones from Samsung. To be completed in the ru? ckwand a Dual-Dock, which is unfolded only when needed from the device, but otherwise invisible. Thanks to a pull-out Stu? tze sit larger mobile devices such as the iPad and other tablets in fixed positions. Except for the dock the USB jack to charge any smartphones suited, About ber, can be on your USB memory connect how sticks and hard drives for music playback.

The full, rich sound with strong bass volume stands out in the hearing test – this is easily achieved. Also the unbiased maximum volume of Samsung is correspondingly high. In the Center, however, the DA-E 750 seemed rather somewhat intrusive, as it reproduced the middle layers sometimes a little compact, dru? impressive support. At the heights, it came to a slightly reduced fine drawing and airiness. All in all presented voluminous Power Sound Samsung-dock.