Samsung Galaxy Core Lte: Lowprice-Lteler

Conclusion: The Galaxy core LTE is via LTE Cat4 quickly in the net on the way, processing and phone acoustic harvest praise in the test. Although CPU and operating system dusted on impact, the core LTE proves useful 4G-Alternative in the lower price segment.

Samsung Galaxy Core Lte: Lowprice-Lteler

Samsung Galaxy Core LTE: Successful Update

The Galaxy core LTE is the 4G-Variante of the Galaxy core. The housing of the new model has become greater (133 x 67 x 11 mm), which is also on the new 4.5 inch display. This resolves pixels with 540 x 960, which although still sufficiently hot acts, but at around 244 ppi individual pixels can be. Because no AMOLED technology is at the core of LTE, affected by the colors of less crisp than the Samsung top models. A dual-core CPU by ST-Ericsson with 1.2 GHz working leisurely on inside. The system is supported by 1 GByte of memory. The very small 5-Gbyte internal memory is expandable via microSD card. On top of it there is the current wireless standard LTE Cat4, bringing maximum of 150 Mbps in the mobile network. At a price of around 205 euros in online trading is this decent technical data.

Samsung Galaxy Core LTE: Battery Test

In the battery test the Galaxy core LTE shows on average. Under maximum power the 2,100 holds by approximately seven hours mAh large battery during a telephone conversation, the online time is 20 minutes shorter. That LG G2 mini with a larger display, for example, runs on a battery charge three hours longer. 2:44 hours, until the battery of the Galaxy core LTE is fully charged also pass the test.

Samsung Galaxy core LTE: Fast network meets good acoustics

The new Galaxy core comes with LTE of category 4.This is only much more expensive smartphones such as the HTC one mini 2 reserved. Actually, a guarantee for optimal surf fun, there not the weakening touch surface. The screen respond to input some imprecise and somewhat slow. Basic surfing speed is very high.During the telephone conversation, the 200-euro Smartphone shines: the acoustics is consistently good, especially the free speaker deserves praise. Point deduction is available for the supplied headphones, which are bad and which are simply too quiet.

Samsung Galaxy Core LTE: Operating System & Camera

The core LTE comes with Android 4.2.2. Moreover, Samsung sets its typical TouchWiz interface. Due to the older operating system but not in the latest version.You get S voice and other manufacturer apps like ChatOn still at the factory, but not just in the latest iterations. The 5-megapixel camera delivers in the Test laboratorymixed results. The images have enough something pale and not sharp. The LED Flash, however, surprised, he illuminates the subject well.

Samsung Galaxy Core LTE: Alternative

Although the price of the Galaxy core LTE is a real challenge, but it’s still cheaper. With the Moto G for around 150 euro get a Smartphone with current Android-4.4 operating system, powerful quad-core CPU and scarce eleven hours of talk time. Motorola has also announced that in July LTE Variant will come with microSD slot in the trade. It will cost around 200 euro and should be a full-fledged 4G-Alternative to the Galaxy core LTE.