Samsung Galaxy S7: Planned 3 Variants with Different Processors

The latest information about the new Samsung mobile SoC, Mongoose, are going hand in hand with performance evaluation tests of the new and long-awaited Qualcomm Snapdragon 820, a choice that would lead the company to equip the next Galaxy S7 with one of two solutions.

And if the situation was quite different and Samsung decided to commercialize three variations of the same device dedicated to different markets with different processors?Returning for a moment back a few months, are in vogue this article | Samsung Galaxy 5: CPU-Z confirms 4 GB of RAM, 5.7 “, Exynos 7422 | Recovering to talk about SoC Exynos 7422 as a third variant of the Galaxy S7 specifically in emerging markets such as India.

Considering that Samsung used it on 5 Notes, according to new information, the company may opt for three different Galaxy S7, each with a processor dedicated to different markets.

  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (Exynos M1/Mongoose)-South Korea, Europe
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (Snapdragon 820)-China and United States
  • Samsung Galaxy S7 (Exynos 7422)-India

That the scenario described by the latest rumor, which if correct, would put us in front of the first top-of-the-Galaxy series replicated in three versions, not counting any Edge.

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