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Conclusion of the 18.04.2017

The Galaxy S8 and the S8 plus differ in the test in principle only in touch screen and battery – otherwise the first-class equipment is the same. The bottom line, the plus version is thus ideal for video enthusiasts who can get enough display and want to carry around but not a tablet with. Because cheaper standard version, has truncated the S8 plus in our battery test better than the 100 euro’s place in the leaderboard still slightly higher and is the ultimate for all that technically best looking for that and not be deterred by the price.

Extreme display

Samsung has with the Galaxy S8 plus compared to the display giant Galaxy S8 device again, one on it and multimedia fans instead of 5.8 inches now serves 6.2 inch diagonal that really impress. That the S8 plus is nevertheless still reasonably handy and clear from Tablet factor differentiates itself, owes it to Samsung’s engineering: the S8 plus has a barely visible display edges, the curved and rounded 18.5 to 9-screen with QuadHD +-takes (2.960 x 1,440 pixels) almost the entire front.

With this futuristic look, but also already scores the normal S8, both devices by their magnitude only differ externally. Who smartphones like operated with one hand, is happy with the S8 plus probably less and the normal S8 in this respect at least as liminal experience. That Samsung brings in so much screen space in these dimensions is but impressive.

The image quality of the S8 plus is excellent as well as those of the S8. Radiates the screen with 474 cd / m ² (adjusted manually maximum brightness) so bright, that everything can be seen even in direct sunlight, and contrast and color reproduction are top notch. In the Setup menu can be changed on request between natural and bright colors. Who holds the S8 plus something oblique, will notice but a light blue on a white background – this is an effect that can be seen on many AMOLED screens.

Excellent 12-megapixel camera

The Goliath has a long breath, Samsung bought him a 3,500 mAh battery. 100 mAh less than the smaller ones are Galaxy S7 edge offers – and still defeat the S8 plus its predecessor in the battery test clear. 11:17 hours on the clock were the akkuoptimierten default mode, in which the resolution to 2,220 x 1,080 pixels is reduced, at the end. That is one of the top League in our leaderboard. By comparison, the S7 comes on 08:43 hours, the S7 edge on 09:14 hours. Turning the resolution in the Setup menu on the full number of pixels by 2.960 x 1,440 runs the S8 plus another 10:58 hours.

Because the difference hardly until you don’t see goes to Samsung’s calculus here, and after also our opinion, nothing speaks to maintain the default mode. For the display of VR contents, the device, however, needs the maximum picture sharpness.

On the camera, Samsung has changed little on the paper and offers 12 megapixels and a F1 as already in the last year’s top model. 7-aperture. Thanks to dual pixel technology solves the S8 plus also extremely quickly out. The photos look like top notch in the test and are slightly better than that of the Galaxy S7 (edge) – especially when bad light significantly more details are visible. Color saturation and sharpness have increased compared to the S7, decreased noise. Samsung has optimized the already good cam of the predecessor makes sense.

Check out a detailed discussion of the new features, which include the digital assistant Bixby, the hidden Home button and USB-type-C, the test of the practically identical, minimally smaller Standard-Galaxy-S8.