Samsung Galaxy touch 2 in Test

The new number one of the leaderboard: Samsung’s latest giant shows greatness in all aspects.

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Than a year ago with the Samsung Galaxy note presented a smart phone with a stylus, it resembled a small revolution – no one expected a return to old Palm virtues. The audience took it, however, grateful that the great success of the trial balloons may have surprised even Samsung. Now, the Koreans with the note 2 for 699 euros ignite the next evolution.

Big, bigger, Galaxy note 2

Already at the first glance is to see that the newcomer is much more modern styled and picks up the design language of the success smartphones Galaxy S3. Android-4.1.1-in white or attractive Titanium Grey is available. The comparison shows how big the Galaxy note is 2, with its sister model Galaxy S3: that everything else as small mobile phone works in direct comparison with the grade 2 almost slender. Compared to the previous Galaxy touch has grown it to a couple of millimeters in length and has declined even slightly in width. However, could the engineers integrate a 5.5-inch OLED display (the predecessor has a 5.3-inch-screen intus).

HD OLED display

OLED display of the Galaxy note 2 is not only huge, but also boasts excellent representation. Its quality is all competitors in the shade. The connect testers have a such plastic and high-contrast appearance to date have not seen. Note 2 motion blur during fast camera pans are the Galaxy or as strange as a faded black representation, often in TFT displays detailed racing such as action games is. The subjective image sharpness of HD display (the resolution is 720 x 1280 pixel, the pixel density 265 dpi), has never exaggerated or even artificially.

Because the typical for OLED displays advanced Farbbraum with his very strong colors is not for everyone, the Galaxy offers 2 in the Setup menu under “display/screen mode” with “Dynamic”, “Standard”, “Natural” and “Video” four different presets note, with “Dynamic” holds the smallest color space the largest and “Video”. Here, the user decides simply according to taste or range.

The display measurements underscore the outstanding visual impact. So is the contrast in the dark (< 1 lx) at 1:1808, at Office light (500 LX) at 1:532 and in broad daylight (20000 LX) at 1:16. In sum, this is an average value of contrast of 1:337, which is far above that of the Galaxy-S3 (1:254).

As a single weak point of this truly brilliant display, only the lean yield in the brightness is to name a few. This typical shortcoming for OLED displays can not hide even the touch 2 and delivers only a maximum brightness of 268 cd/m2. But this can not ruin the excellent overall impression. Especially since the display protected by Gorilla glass 2 by return of post advocates on touch and thus commands of the user.

S pen: More features

A one handed operation is of course out of the question. Samsung knows that, and so the Koreans have improved the pencil named S pen: he has become significantly larger and so handy. When not in use, pushing the PIN just right down into the flat case.

Samsung has implemented additional S-pen functions in the Smartphone. In addition to the already known operating AIDS “Back”, “Screenshot” and “Text label”, the Galaxy dominated note 2 now also display the options menu.

Facilities: Perfection in every detail

A lot has happened inside. Here, the in-house quad-core processor of Exynos 4412 does his duty. From the could the engineers tease out some more performance and whopping 1.6 GHz, than the Galaxy S3 models equipped with this type of processor and Note 10.1.

Also in the memory the Galaxy puts on it 2 with 2 GB a fun touch. This strong combination of hardware provided with the usual benchmark programs for best performance: at Geekbench 2 missed the Galaxy note II the 2000s brand with 1999 points possible knapp. Also the achieved 178_000 belong to the first League in the Smartphone market points at Browsermark.

The users memory of our 16-GB test device contains over 10 GB, which can be easily expanded to up to 64 GB via the micro SD slot. A later 32 GB variant of the Galaxy note 2 a 64-GB alternative probably isn’t, in this country more. In addition, Samsung treats the user for two years 50 GB cloud at dropbox.

Otherwise there is nothing to complain about in terms of facilities: the note 2 up down to the positioning AIDS A-GPS and GLONASS has all current standards of HSPA + on a/b/g/n Wi-FI on board. Samsung has an LTE version in preparation.

Full functionality

Not expected to dominated the note 2 many features of the Galaxy S3 – about the picture in picture function popup display, the automatic screen lock smart stay and the voice control S voice. That was still not the yellow from the egg, therefore, Samsung has applied hand again. Meanwhile, dealing with special characters is no longer a problem, generally, speech recognition works out significantly more reliable. It speaks for Samsung, that have quickly responded to the legitimate criticism.

Operation: Intelligent Home screen

Of course, the Bill 2 also with numerous innovations can waiting – for example, with the feature pages-buddy. It adds another level to the home screen once a certain operation is executed. Considering about the pen S from the housing, the apps optimized for pen are available. When docking of the headphones, the audio functions are available.

Need more examples? By long touching of the sensor surface for ‘Back’, a single and skippable quick access to important functions will appear on the left side of the screen. And here comes the big screen then really well. As you can see at the same time two applications on the Quick Access toolbar (see picture above). Search for an address on the map and take notes at the same time: no problem!

The various hubs are complemented by a learning hub for students and students apps. And last but not least, there are even right Kracher with the advanced S-pen features and air view.

Use the functionality through the intuitive and customisable user interface Touchwiz easily.

Laboratory measurements: The coronation

The expectations for the mega Smartphone were enormous of course also in the laboratory – and the testers were not disappointed. Especially in the endurance measurements could dominate the note 2 thanks to huge battery with appropriate 3095 mAh and set several records.

All ahead at the endurance in the practical operation of mixing: here the Samsung put the bar for the generations of the Smartphone with 8:54 hours to unimagined heights. Thus it makes old look even the ancestors of Galaxy note. Also the talk times are less than ten hours in the use of UMTS and 27 hours in the E network of the finest.

Conclusion: The new number 1

The gala performance continued at the acoustic measurements and ends at the also good send – and receive values. At the end of the Galaxy takes the number one in the leaderboard note 2 with this terrific idea.