Samsung Gear Live vs LG G Watch

The race to the top of the Android wear market is: A day after the launch of the Android for wearables on the I/O can be pre-ordered two competing Smartwatches in the play store: the already famous LG G watch and the Samsung gear live held so far under lock and key.

Samsung Gear Live vs LG G Watch

The devices are similar in the hardware and also the price of 199 euros have in common. Both are powered by a 1.2 GHz processor, and connect your Smartphone via Bluetooth LE. You have 4 GB of memory and 512 MB of RAM. Both Smartwatches are also IP67 certified, so protected from dust and water.

Advantages of Samsung gear live

The Samsung gear live is somewhat flatter than the LG towers G watch, the 9.95 mm off your wrist with 8.9 millimeters. The display G watch resolves with only 280 x 280 pixels, what surpasses the Samsung gear live with 320 x 320 pixels. Both watches feature position sensors and compass; the gear live has however even a heart rate monitor on board the LGs G watch despite an identical price provides not for athletes.

Advantages of LG G watch

In contrast to the gear live rubber bracelet the bracelet of the watch G is a standard 22 mm watch strap which can replace you at will. The battery is mAh a little larger than the gear live – with 400 and continues throughout the day despite constantly running displays. At the Samsung gear live, however, you must touch the screen to read the time.

Which of the two Smartwatches is something for you, you must choose your own. The Samsung gear live is delivered from the 8th, the LG G watch reviewed on Who can wait for Moto 360 or Kairos Smartwatch both devices are not noble enough, the Motorola – or put on the iWatch published probably in the autumn.