Samsung Gear S Smartwatch with SIM Card

Samsung blast were “strained” to have the broadest portfolio of wearable electronics among other major players in this market niche. Koreans now offer current Galaxy Gear and Gear Fit, and more recently Gear 2/Gear Neo. The latter two products are not yet officially filled commercially and now appears about another smart clock you even say that in front of a real premiere.

Article in the local KoreaHerald claims that Samsung is working on a clock with a slot for a SIM card (USIM module – Universal Subscriber Identity Module), which can work independently (standalone) and without the need for a telephone connection. Additional support information is rumored that Samsung have signed a patent recently in the Korean Intellectual Property Office on behalf Gear Solo, Solo as apparently refers to the ability of any gadget for self making phone calls. As we know, Gear Neo e slightly stripped down version of Gear 2 with identical technical parameters, without camera, cheaper materials, etc. By this logic is likely Gear Solo to be higher class Gear 2 with USIM module radio and antennas, as well as a more powerful battery. Get a new smart watch from

Samsung Gear Solo

There are doubts, however, whether the clock will appear initially somewhere other than Korea in particular local mobile operator (SK Telecom). Maybe Samsung just to test the water for such a device and if successful be offered in other markets.

Suggestions of such smart watches – phones there are many on the market. Several hundreds of branded and not very smart chasovnikofona “dog brand” in recent years. But now we are in another stage of the technology initiative of a global corporation like Samsung can cause unexpected boom similar ‘stand alone’ solutions. A “smart watch” are very good and effective idea if the technology deal with small obstacles.

Comes an interesting question. Whether Samsung invested so much in smart watches (wearable technologies) to promote the operating system Tizen? Or is it the opposite? Maybe not support and actively develop Tizen, to help them bite a large market share in portable? Probably both are true.

New: Other sources in May confirmed the possibility of actual market performance of independent smart clock by Samsung soon. Units of the device described as the SM-the R710 Gear 2 Solo (the Samsung Mobile: Accessory) for the R & the D Purpose. This passed customs to be tested in India.

New 2: Appears new information that except as a standalone phone, the new development might have and GPS module and mail client. Samsung already commented on the topic of network operators in North America, Europe and South Korea. Intriguing idea, but is not it better first to hurry with the opening of other members of the family Gear to all brands Android smartphones. Hopefully called. Solo is not big, ugly and expensive. Otherwise, it makes sense that the exemption from the constant consumption (although LE) a Bluetooth device to be connected could be partially offset greed of the GSM module.