Samsung Level Fight Against Sony, Beats By Dre And Co.

Samsung unveils the level series, a further category of products in its portfolio. Is this to three premium headphones and a Bluetooth speaker. To expand the range of accessories for the own smartphones and tablets. We look closer the devices.

Samsung level over

The model level (EO-AG900) over is to an over ear headphones, moving in the premium segment. The headphone completely enclose the ears and to offer the best sound under the three headphones. He can connect via Bluetooth 3.0 with the mobile device, either via 3.5 mm jack cable. An active noise cancellation and 50-mm-Neudymium driver is also

integrated. The Smartphone can easily connect by NFC. Disabled noise-cancelling you should have heard 30 h music, until the integrated battery is empty. Special feature is the integrated touchpad to operate the headphones. The dimensions are 175 x 190 x 78 mm and the weight of 350 grams. The price amounts to €349,90. Competitors are probably the Sony MDR-1RNC, which provides the same except the touchpad or the beats Studio wireless beats by Dre.

Samsung level on

Samsung delivers on-ear headphones, which are lighter and smaller than the level over. It comes with 40 mm membranes and normal magnets. For that it dispenses with the touchpad; It is operated via 3-button remote. Also the noise, as well as the connection via Bluetooth is missing. Accordingly also NFC is eliminated. The dimensions are 162 x 181 x 70 Millmeter and weights only 210 grams. It is supposed to cost €199,90. Alternatives are the Sony MDR-10RBT, which provides with Bluetooth or the solo HD by beats by Dre.

Samsung level in

Also in-ear headphones were introduced. It should insulate well outside noise and comes with three-way speakers. A 3-button remote is integrated into the cable. The price of the hefty €149,90 as EIA come together. Sony provides the XBA-H1 and beats by Dre beats tours here.

Samsung level box

Finally comes the level box, a Bluetooth speaker that can be via Bluetooth with the terminal device associated. NFC is also available for the quick coupling. Samsung speaks of a 15-hour long term. The stereo speaker sets on 56-mm membranes. A built-in microphone is also installed, the device offers a special feature, namely the processing. It is not polycarbonate in the metal-look. Samsung opts for metal. This can be seen also in the weight: the appliance weighs 600 grams and 164 x 62 x 69 millimeters. Sony offers the model SRS-BTX300 and beats by Dre the beat pill XL as an alternative.

All models come in the colors black and white. It is offered also a corresponding app to improve and change the sound by equalizer. What do you think of the headphones/speaker?