Samsung Returns to Attacking The IPhone 6 in Their New Ads of The S6 Galaxy Edge

Samsung and Apple is an old rivalry that takes years by running rivers of ink, both in specialized media by their controversies and legal clashes as readers of these comments because no people like to reference one when talking about the other. But what are you going to do, they do like to talk to each other.

And it is that once more Samsung has returned to launch an advertising campaign in which lashes out at Apple. With the slogan “the six is better than six”, the Korean show some of the features of the S6 Edge they are not present in the latest iPhone, as the colorful of the edges to receive calls or information and notices that we may also show.

But if with an ad they had not enough to stand a few, Samsung has also launched a second clip in which boasts Wireless charging, precisely an issue that we played yesterday and a higher angle to draw selfies so our grandmother does not end with half-face cut in photos.

Obviously, mess with the competition is not the best way to advertise, especially when one is inspired by it for certain finishes on your phone. But Samsung has a long history, what makes us think that this will not be his last misdeed. What do you think about this type of ad? You really think getting capture competition or just indignant users?