Sealskinz Waterproof Outdoor Socks in the Test

On the this year’s OutDoor I came also with SealSkinz past. The British manufacturer specialises completely waterproof, windproof and breathable hand -, foot -, and headwear. Especially the waterproof socks have surprised me there but something. A reason to test the outdoor model “walking” itself.

What waterproof socks? For most waterproof socks are a new and unusual concept, so here are a few facts about SealSkinz

SealSkinz waterproof socks were invented in England. This is not surprising when you consider how much water there is. Manufactured in England by hand. Thanks to a very stretchy, seamless three-location structure including waterproof and breathable membrane and patented manufacturing process, they are:

  • Completely waterproof and highly breathable. In other words: dry feet that sweat
  • Portable like normal socks, with an inner layer of anti-microbial Merino Wool, the moisture outwards transported
  • Very resistant Thanks to robust nylon outer layer
  • Easy to wash and dry (suitable for machine and hand washing)
  • Waterproof with a guarantee: there’s a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on all socks

Thanks to the wide range of versions, SealSkinz are suitable for a large number of outdoor activities:

  • Hiking with light weight – perfect climb for the; to climbing shoes your feet stay warm and dry, no bubbles are formed, and the leg is protected
  • Trail and cross country running – ideal in combination with running shoes
  • Winter hiking and trekking – the three-layer structure especially keeps warm the foot. The sock is especially easy thanks to its elasticity and loop knitting feed and supports the joints
  • Cycling and mountain biking

The military also is convinced of SealSkinz: the company has signed a contract in January 2011, the SealSkinz makes to the supplier of the British military.


On the sound trail I had the opportunity a few SealSkinz provided me by the manufacturer available, to test for the first time.

At the first touch “Nordic walking” made a rather unusual impression model, the sock namely consists of 3 different layers. The inner sock is made of Merino Wool, the outdoor sock made of nylon, and in between is the waterproof membrane. In addition, there are 3 different strengths (thin, standard and warm), where I got the thin version. I was however somewhat skeptical because of the breathability, as I sweat quite heavily on the feet.

The first fitting was still suspicious. My shoe size is usually 44½, supplied size L which is equivalent to 43-46. So should watch. As you can see in the photo above, the outer sock throws clearly large wrinkles. Well, if the time no chafing or blisters are? Maybe I have to narrow feet or my calves are not trained enough. The Meindl Island was by the way used as shoe.

Let’s get to the actual test. During the hike (with a good 15 kg of luggage) I put back about 8 kilometers and approximately 500-600 m with the socks. While I had an uncomfortable feeling on your feet at any moment and sweat I no longer than usual. The wrinkles were no problems. All in all I am however surprised that the SealSkinz wear nearly as like normal trekking socks.

I now not extensively tested the water resistance. I had the opportunity to dive the socks up to the edge of the membrane in a pool of water on the OutDoor and it everything remained completely dry inside. How close, the socks are still after the 10th cycle, will show in the long term test. Speaking of washing, the SOCKS can be washed normally up to 40 ° C, but are not allowed in the dryer.


When the correct size of the socks I’m unsure whether I have perhaps disproportionately narrow feet, if the socks are extremely big, or whether it should be or even so. It looks at least strange. Otherwise the SealSkinz leave a fairly positive impression both comfort as well as regards the climate control at the foot.

I see the sense of waterproof hiking or trekking socks but mainly in combination with non-waterproof shoes or pumps. Here one has the weight advantage or the advantage of increased respiratory activity, and getting but not wet feet.

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