Short Links: Not As Dangerous as They Seem?

URL shorteners can even slow the internet, but according to a survey released by the company security Zscaler Inc. they may not be as dangerous as Cisco imagined it would be.

The company analyzed more than 1.3 million links posted on Twitter in the first two weeks of March, just before the service start using your shortener, and found that only 0.06% of them (773 links) took the distracted user to malicious sites. One of shorteners URLs, says that statistics matches the gathered from the actual site links.

According to Julien Sobrier, a researcher at Zscaler, this is why “most users who use and click on those links pay more attention.” They seem to be more aware that they are being redirected and that there is likely to end up opening a page that is not what it claims to be. “As the short link already generates suspicion,” Sobrier says, “it is less likely to use the criminals.”