Short Nails Design Ideas

The trends this season want your nails are short and colored in warm shades and typical of spring romantic, but also decisive and dark as it is usually in the cold season. The short nails for certain women are more than a fashion, a necessity!Bring short and well groomed nails is becoming a real trend, especially if you wear a glaze that goes well with a look at short nails like the one we’re talking about. What then are the glazes that go great with short nails? Virtually all, although those most suitable are those decided such as red, black, burgundy and shades of gray. Discover them together:

Purple nail polish

Power Pro Nail Lacquer are 10 shades in a limited edition of Kiko for spring 2016, long-lasting enamel, big 5 free, or formulated without harsh ingredients from Ewenzhou such as Toluene, Camphor, DBP, formaldehyde and formaldehyde resin, and the glossed finish. Among them is a totally dedicated to the palette of purple, varied and delicate line, designed to make happy all, but especially suitable for those who have short nails.

Gray nail polish

Very popular also short nails in shades of gray, mostly the gray-blue, like the enamels proposed by Zoya, in shades blue and gray candy tout court, also suitable for pregnant women.

Nude Palette or peach

Not only dark and bold colors, but also warm colors typical of spring romantic, like light pink also tending to fishing or neutral shades like nude enamels Glam Lacquer MI NY .

Red palette

The red remains an evergreen on the nails even in this season, but for the court takes very romantic pink reflections. A mix of bon-ton nuances which, when applied, also give off a delicious aroma to berries, ranging from red lacquer to brick, through the fuchsia is the case ofPupa with Dot Shock glazes , enamels four and two opaque glass effect, from coral to fishing, or the new glazes Rimmel.

Palette glitter

For nail-art spring be inspired by the colors of exotic cocktails and arricchiteli with extraordinary effects, micro glitter and confetti for nails that shine from every angle. Among the most fashionable shades, stands out the glittery gold, as proposed by Dior and YSL or the latest color photo finish of Miss Collistar , nail dressed in a very scratchy chrome effect.

Black palette

A choice that goes beyond time and fashion, that of black nails, which in the short version appear anything but aggressive, but terribly fashion, such as those of Cara Delevingne, or if the black do not like betting on a very beautiful dark blue as enamel Faby Joy.