Should I Put a Nightlight in My Baby’s Room

From 2 years, the darkness can scare the children and explain difficulties of falling asleep or crying in the middle of the night. Toddlers are not yet afraid of the dark. And the pilot light is not really useful. Explanations.

Contrary to what his cries might suggest when he wakes up in the middle of the night, it is not the darkness that makes Baby cry. In infants, it is most often the hunger or discomfort of a wet diaper. As the months go by, it is more the fact of being alone in bed that can cause anxiety. Hence the importance of the ritual of sleep and the presence of a transitional object, the famous cuddly towel.

The fear of the black, it, appears only around its second anniversary. As psychologist Lyliane Nemet-Pier reminds us, “the night becomes a moment when the psychic life of the child develops and invades its head … and its room. He can imagine and transform what surrounds him (noises, objects) into a persecuting universe. Darkness is crowded with punishments (monsters, ghosts, thieves, terrifying animals). ”

A low intensity night light that will diffuse a soft light throughout the night or will only trigger when crying will help her to face the frightful darkness. But remzfamily will remind you beware of the way you place it: it should not be projected disturbing shadows on the wall.