Should They Return The Phones with Slide-Out Keyboard? Engadget Android Questions

Last Friday we receive with open arms a few so-called renderings of what BlackBerry Venice, the new slider would have or mobile phone with slide-out keyboard with which the Canadian company seemed willing to forget its own operating system to try their luck with Android. And the fact is that we have been time without seeing what could be a high end with this type of keyboard on Android, so open this debate is required.

Should they return the phones with slide-out keyboard?

A week ago we asked you if you thought that all large manufacturers mistreat lower ranges, and the most prominent response has been the terse ‘yes’ espí, although the nuances of the user rubenix, who said neither stayed behind:

Motorola “not” (could put flash moto E to let perfect)
Xiaomi (or my): NO (so capitalized)
Microsoft: (Nobody has not spoken that it SO used)
Apple: it has lower range?

Samsung, LG, sony, htc, bq, alcatel, jiayu, huawei: Yes as a House

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