Silk Pillowcase for Hair and Skin

Artisan wisdom of centuries and of a completely natural material processing: silk pillowcases are as you could wish for your own pillows more refined and precious. Be inspired by our site to bring a touch of style to your bedroom and on your couch.

Silk pillowcases, the fabric of the queens

Change is your nature. Just like a bug that imbozzola to get butterfly, you are always ready to change the skin of your house to follow the ever-changing nature of your style. There is no need, of course, to completely renovate the furniture from the bedside to the libraries: to change the face of the whole environment just act on the tissues, simply and wisely. A linen curtain, a new duvet cover, an embroidered tablecloth for the dining table, the towels in the bathroom colorful. And who can forget the pillowcases for your pillows: one touch to flip the look of a sofa, a chair or a bed.

Just by the bugs it is taken the most precious fabric, which for centuries has brought caravans and merchants to go to the far East in order to decorate the palaces of queens and princesses: silk. The silk pillowcases are precious jewels that lead into the house that elegance that was once reserved for the few: the soft texture, the satin finish and refined, the excellent quality is the best you could wish for the furnishing of the house.

No matter what the setting, the silk pillow cases are declined in all styles: colors and the nuances of the earth to modern rooms, or pastel shades for girly shabby and environments; geometric patterns and zig zag lines for vintage stays; floral prints for Provencal sofas; arabesques and spirals for ethnic and Boho decorations, there is something for every need and style.

Silk pillowcases, being for the hair

The quality of silk is reflected not only in an aesthetic prized and sought: the silk pillow cases from Epillowcases are also among the best for the bed and cushions of the sofa, to lay your head for an afternoon nap or for the good night’s sleep. The traditional cotton pillowcases, in fact, are not ideal for facial skin or to the hair:

  • Silk pillowcases help combat the so-called “sleep creases”, facial wrinkles due to sleep busiest. Softness and delicatteza flax ensure a rest without a crease.
  • The silk pillowcases are the best friends of your hair: Unlike cotton, which absorbs moisture and causes frictions that make them frizzy and dry, the silk is soft and gentle on your hair, which remains soft in the morning and combed without knots.