Simvalley SP-120 in the Practice Test

The more compact model of the SP-140 Simvalley brings a 4-inch touch screen and a minimal cut-down facilities.

Simvalley SP-120: First impression

30 Euro cheaper sister model of the SP-140 Simvalley opts for a 4-inch display (diagonal 10.2 cm). The resolution down to 800 x 480 pixels. Still fails the SP-120 in comparison only slightly smaller – especially in the amount it loses a scarce centimeters, for it sets to two millimeters in the depth. The weight reduced to 135 grams is pleasant. At the same time, Simvalley reduced but also the battery capacity by 2000 to 1700 mah.

While the larger SP-140 for own recordings and video calls on a two megapixel front camera, the smaller SP-120 on its front panel offers only a VGA camera (0.3 megapixels). The rear-view camera, however, is the same for both models, offers a resolution of 5 megapixels, an LED Flash and a total neat image and video quality even when the SP-120.

Aside from the variations technique and equipment of the two models are the same. In particular the practical Dual-SIM-facilities is also the SP-120 available, although the two SIM cards here piggyback inserted for reasons of space in their double lot. Icons and screen surfaces are slightly stocky with the SP-120 because of the lower screen resolution, what is striking but only in direct comparison.

Simvalley SP-120: Facilities

+ Memory can be expanded + Wi-FI and HSPA for brisk Internet+ GPS+ clever and useful Dual SIM function- front camera only VGA of Spartan store – and software facilities

Simvalley SP-120: Operation

+ good quality+ Android 4.0 + handling in display quality only average stays

Simvalley SP-120: Buy or wait?

The Simvalley SP-120 with 4-inch model, which exist for 190 euro at Pearl, is a bargain for those who want to spend too much for a well equipped smartphone with current operating system (Android 4.0) and to do something with the dual-SIM feature.