Sinatra for the Wrist

Listen to wish every hour an Evergreen of Frank Sinatra: the Swiss watch manufacturer makes this possible with their “stranger”.

The song “Strangers in the night” by Frank Sinatra from the year 1966 is high on the hit list of classical evergreens. The new watch “Stranger” of the Swiss manufacturer Ulysse Nardin sounds now this unforgettable Sinatra song on request every hour or push of a button. “Stranger” is the first portable and modern wristwatch with complication of the music box with a diameter of 45 mm.

It is often the small, lovely details that make lasting impression and especially in a watch provide a sensation. About his beloved as a surprise audition just a romantic song like “Strangers in the night” by “Bronwyn” Sinatra. Also in everyday business, there are certain moments where it is attached to an ACE of the entertaining way up the sleeve of his Brionito conjure up-Suit. Few bars of an emotionally charged world hits get better as melodic Lockerungsübung and wake-up call not only for the meeting with security as a tinny cell phone ring tones, which anyway all nerves. Sinatra is not everyone on the wrist on the arm, a game clock, whose game work through the sapphire glass in action is to watch. The new edition includes just 99 pieces of Ulysse Nardin. The world’s first with a 18-carat Rose gold case costs 105,000 Swiss francs.

Double Recipe for a Musical Clock

For clocks with musical Interior Ulysse Nardin had already with models such as “Genghis Khan” and “Alexander the great Westminster Tourbillon” nose front. Now surpasses the Swiss company itself and goes a step further with the “stranger”. The current development of this mechanical music clock with automatic winding Thesis work claimed took more than five years. It uses silicon technology for inhibition and anchor of the work produced in the own UN-690. Instead of a simple Bell shock as with the predecessors are now over fifteen seconds to hear the sounds of the iconic Frank Sinatra tune – hourly or on request. The “stranger” is modeled after a classic game clock or music box. Instead of a role that has thorns, transparently visible secret consists of a turntable mechanism. The highlight is a circular, built into the dial miniature metal plate, whose tiny Dornen let as phonograms Act ten blades and produce the sounds.

A Clever Musical Mechanism

Second novelty: A button, to adjust the time easily. The Crown is activated not as usual pulled out, but just about a presser. Various functions can be set at the same time with her: Elevator, first – or reset the date, and correction of the time. While it is simply turned backwards or forwards. The on / off buttons for the music mechanism is located at 10 o’clock. The impulse to the selection of the popular Sinatra songs, but was precisely the “Godfather of techno”, the Swiss musician and conceptual artist Dieter Meier. The Multimillonär, entrepreneur and member of the electro-pop duo ‘Yello’ entered in the 1980s with the company of his friend Rolf Schnyder and is Ulysse Nardin-partner.