Skates, Skate or Scooter?

When we have a gift for the little kids first thing we should know is that there are 3 sports from among those who can choose, skates, Skate and scooters.To choose one of them, we must ask 2 questions.

What age does? Now directoryaah will provide you a list about the ideal age to start a sport:

Scooter: from 2 years onwards.

Skates: from 3 years onwards.

Skateboarding: from the 4 or 5 years from now.

He practiced one of these sports in the past?

If the answer is NO, we should opt for scooters or skates.

If the answer is Ifwe could opt for the Skate.

Now we are going to the most important, let’s talk about the advantages of each sport and what they will bring to the kids:

Scooters: without a doubt it is the easiest of the 3 options Sport, both because it offers its products for beginners a scooter with 3 wheels more stable (up to 4 years) and have 4-point (the base to 2 feet and the handlebars to control it with your hands). It is a good start to get the feeling of sliding and develop the brain of children psychomotor, the part allowing them to make other similar sports with a greater fluidity.

Skates: skates require a bit more than balance to the scooter, but we have to take into account that for the children it is extremely easy to learn, because its center of gravity is very low, this enables them to better control their balance. This sport works a lot coordination of feet and all the body’s balance, is without doubt a good sport to start in this world.

Skate: despite being a little more complicated than the skates and the scooter is not impossible to learn, but is ideal to have practiced before two sports prior to have a more solid base that will allow us to learn faster and in a more fluid way. This sport works the balance in a very different way, as when our body is side opening a new world of possibilities when it comes to perform tricks and live new experiences.

Last, but not least, we must bear in mind two things:

Security!: should help you to learn in a safe way, accompanying the sport with the use wrist guards, knee pads, elbow pads, helmet and in the case of scooters and skate flat shoes that provide a greater grip.

The opinion of children: not can set aside their point of view… we must strive to make them see what is the best option, making them sharers in this election. So in the future they will feel identified with the sport they practice!

I hope that your kids can get passionate with one of these beautiful sports, since without place to doubt they will bring them feelings and experiences that can only live on wheels. See you soon!