Skoobe: The eBook-flat Rate For Bookworms

Update (6.12.2012): Skoobe on facebook announced today, that all those who currently use the start-up package (in the internet to find vouchers), at least one year continue to use the service with an unlimited number of books can.

Whats skoobe?

Ebooks are the trend, increasing their sales steadily. Also the ebook reader for reading of the digital books (for example the amazon kindle) sale is dazzling; not to mention the ebook – offers from apple (ibooks) or android. Episode: Current titles achieve a digital version to the part already higher sales numbers than their printed counterparts.

So far let themselves buy ebooks but only individually, what becomes expensive fun for bookworms who devour several books per week,. Here skoobe comes into play: The service works as a lending library for ebooks. Against payment of a monthly fee, download as many books as you like and return after reading. The ebooks store encrypted as long on your iphone or ipad.

Free ebooks (not only) for the holidays

who is behind skoobe?

Skoobe is a company that was founded in 2010 and has its headquarters in munich. The renowned publishing group holtzbrinck and random house act as a shareholder (the latter belongs in turn to the bertelsmann AG). A large part of the ebook range by skoobe feeds from publishers (including S. Fischer, rowohlt, knaus, goldmann, settlers, kindler and droemer knaur) belong to this group. According to by skoobe managing director christian damke titles from the publishers lübbe, campus, and herder are added in the near future; negotiating with other book houses currently.

Skoobe ebook flat-rate

8 skoobe-images so the digital lending library works how it works, how much is the fun?
Who would like to use skoobe, requires first of all an iphone, an ipod touch or an ipad. Because the skoobe app is currently available only for these apple devices. A version for android smartphones and tablets is in the works and should be followed as soon as possible. You create a user account via the app or via your browser. This is done in a few minutes.
Skoobe currently costs 9.99 euros a month. The subscription is monthly callable. For this amount you borrow ebooks so many, as you like, and up to five ebooks may reside at the same time on up to three devices. Have you read the books, return via finger wiper and new rent. Is paid by credit card or in the direct debit scheme.

Skoobe app in the test

the app of book service ran in the short test by COMPUTER image properly and quickly. Can be operated intuitively. After a few minutes, have all functions in the handle, rummage sale (sorted by genres or in the new releases), use the search function to find the works, or have their own list of favorites and favorite books. Prima: The app provides an offline mode. Then, the program invites all ebooks borrowed just encrypted on iphone or ipad and then allows the read without an internet connection. Practically on a holiday, in the café or in the car. Maximum 30 days is in the offline mode, activate him again, after the next subscription month has started.

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also to scroll through the ebooks there is hardly something to complain about. The possibility of directly calling individual chapter in the table of contents is missing only the reverse light to apple’s ibook app. Otherwise, everything on board is starting with the font size change via a brightness control, until back to electronic bookmarks.

Sluggish reading fun from march 2013

who now registering as a user of skoobe receives ebooks so many as I said for the price of a paperback, as he would an unbeatably good for bookworms offer. Unfortunately, the rental conditions changed to march 1, 2013. Namely, there are only two books for 9.99 euros a month. In view of the fact that current, bound books cost significantly more, that is still a good price. Hopefully that skoobe then has an affordable flat-rate offer in store.

Pro cheap ebook flatrate assortment goods to use ios app offline counter app for android is missing (still) flat rate only until march 2013 currently does not apply all relevant publishers on board test note of editors not present conclusion
skoobe is a very good library of ebooks available. Agree price and performance, the app is great to use and the selection of books is more than adequate, though (yet) not with the buying stores from amazon and apple, with regard to the number of available titles. Unfortunately, the reading fun is reserved only owners of apple devices. Remains to be seen whether and how the competition with own offers on the clever business idea responds.