Smart phone, Smart watch, Tablet, Keyboard, Headset and TV Dongle

Neptune, you should remember, the guys have really cool ideas, as we already with the Neptune Pine was proven some time ago. Also the Neptune Hub, a completely independent smart watch from JiBin123, has it really in itself. A few weeks ago, this watch was presented together with the Pocket Screen, a mobile display in the form of a smart phone, which virtually mirrors all data and information of the clock.

The clock is and remains with 2.4″display, processor, Funkmodulen, 1.000 mAh battery, etc. the main device. Now there is the Neptune Suite, which has something more on board.

In the following you see the Pocketscreen, which is 5 “large, cameras like a smart phone possesses and a battery with 2.800 mAh has.

New is now the tab screen, thus a screen in the form of a tablet with full HD display, front camera and a suitable keyboard called Neptune Keys. As I said, this device is also fired by the clock. Here the battery is indicated with 7.000 mAh.

Neptune will also offer a TV dongle, which is almost like the Chromecast of Google wirelessly filled with content.

And last but not least there is a wireless headset, which of course is also connected to the hub.

The crowd funding goal has long been exceeded eightfold. Unfortunately should not be delivered before February 2016. Of course, everything is based on Android ! Geiles concept or?