Smart Watches Win Heading to the Google Glass

The Google Glass were introduced more than two years ago, but even so, smart Google goggles have failed to establish themselves in the market. Quite the opposite of what happened with Android Wear. The platform of Google Smart Watches already has more applications than the smart glasses.

Three weeks, that’s the time that have been on the market the first two Android Wear smart watches, and has been sufficient as to the amount of apps available for these smart watches either greater than available for the Google Glass applications.

Smart Watches Win Heading to the Google Glass 1

The Google Glass need innovation

And it is that, although the Google Glasses were introduced more than two years ago, the truth is that still require new technologies allowing the smart glasses could be helpful. Two years ago the Middle didn’t have the same technology that now and launch smart glasses seemed impossible. However, Google introduced the Google Glass, and they were a revolution. However, it has not been until a few months ago that are have been able to buy for all users without having to rely on an invitation, but only in United States and United Kingdom, and at a price that exceeds 1,000 euros. It can be said that the success of the Google Glass still depends on the passage of time, and to get enough advances in the world of technology to overcome all the problems that are the glasses intelligent, as the battery, voice recognition system, the integration of the mobile network in sunglasses , etc.

Smart Watches Win Heading to the Google Glass 2

Android Wear is already a success

What Android Wear is concerned, the situation is the opposite. Google’s platform for smart watches already has more applications than the Google Glass platform >>. Yes it is true that launch an application for smart watches is much easier. Google does confirm that Google Glass applications are perfectly displayed for the smart glasses and work perfectly. It is not something that happens with applications for Android Wear, because already we have some low quality apps that don’t even work well. However, that just indicates that the developers have turned with the new platform and has great future.

Smart Watches Win Heading to the Google Glass 3

Now it only remains to see what what happens when most expected smart watches will reach the market, as it is the case of Motorola Moto 360, which Yes will feature Android Wear, and the iWatch of Apple, which will feature the iOS.