Smartphone Camera Flip: Doov And Nike V1

Never heard of the Chinese manufacturer Doov? Then, it is time! Doov just his spectacular Nike presented V1, a Smartphone that would convince with a special camera device. Instead use two separate lenses front and rear, Doov has used only a camera – in the new device and for this mounted on a swivel arm.

Smartphone Camera Flip Doov And Nike V1

The “boom” is anchored in the normal state in the back and to Herum can folds according to manufacturer’s instructions to 190 degrees around the top of the Smartphone. In this way, it allows you the Doov Nike V1, his 13 MP main camera including to employ optical image stabilizer for Selfies. A similar technique uses, for example, the oppo N3 where the camera is mounted, but on a kind of rotating roller in the upper edge of the housing.

Publicity Stunt Or Useful Feature?

It is questionable whether the camera arm of Doov V1 is robust enough Nike, to withstand the everyday stresses. While the moving part with the camera at the oppo N3 is still compact and rooted deeply in the device and is turned by a motor, the outstanding camera arm of Doov Nike effect V1 as he could snap off easily when it is bent over the allowed 190 degrees. Also, one wonders as a design yet whether it would have been possibly cheaper to install a second camera. But perhaps Doov wanted to a different Smartphone on the market also just get, one for the customers who are now tired of the usual designs.