Smartphones: Users Have The Word

Smartphones are selling more and more. They are sophisticated, complete phones with many functions … What do users look for in them?

Which are the models preferred by the consumers? And because? More than 4,000 users have responded to our poll and have opinions about their smartphone.

Despite the crisis, we continue to buy technological devices. Among them the latest generation mobiles occupy a place of exception. According to ablogtophone, the number of mobiles continues to increase, and there is a category that takes the palm: smartphones, whose numbers have soared between 2009 and 2010 and more than they will in the future. For 2011, a worldwide increase of almost 50% in sales of this type of equipment is foreseen worldwide.

We Asked Smartphone Users

Smartphones are very complete mobiles.In fact, many are comparable to small computers equipped with operating systems.A smartphone can be used as an electronic organizer, GPS navigator, photo camera… they allow to connect to the Internet, send and receive emails, download applications (applications), play… They offer many functions but, do they use them? Are preferred ?, Which brands and models of smartphone are the most valued by its users?

In order to answer these questions, we have surveyed more than 4,000 users from different countries: Spain, Italy, Portugal, Belgium and Brazil.

Many Functions… Little Used

Not surprising: users have very complete devices, full of functions, which in the end hardly use.

Specifically, among Spanish users who responded to the survey:

63% practically do not use the smartphone to connect to social networks

21% never or almost never connect to the Internet

34% do not use the smartphone to send or receive emails

Only 13% use the mobile frequently as a GPS navigator

57% is not a video game user and 27% pay very little attention to the possibility of making videos with their smartphone

And the figures are similar in the other countries of the survey.In the chart you can see the general usage habits that the Spaniards make of their smartphone.

How Often Do You Use Smartphone Features?(%)

The functions are less used on the simpler, lower-end smartphone models if we can name them that way.Users who have invested in a smartphone of the most sophisticated (and expensive) have some habits of use somewhat different.For example, iPhone users rely more on web browsing and email than on SMS.In addition, more applications are downloaded and more frequently access social networks with your phone.

Which Smartphones Do You Prefer?

The answers of our respondents have allowed us to know which were the most used smartphones, as well as to identify the best valued models.

Approximately half of the models indicated were Nokia or iPhone.In Spain, in particular, the Finnish brand Nokia is the most used, at least among respondents: 3 out of 10 had a smartphone of this brand. HTC and Apple iPhone are its immediate followers: each of these brands had a 20% of followers among the respondents. Blackberry, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and LG will share the rest along with a set of more minority brands.

In the table you can see the smartphone models most appreciated by all respondents.

Two iPhone (GS and 4) and HTC Desire top the favorites podium: these smartphones have the most satisfied users.

And what do you value most in these three smartphones?Especially the ease of use, the touch screen and the apps, very varied and easily downloadable from the AppStore or Android Market.

In contrast, battery autonomy remains the weak point of many of these devices (including the most appreciated).Only Samsung Corby and Nokia E72 satisfy more than half of respondents in this regard.

More Problems Connecting To The Internet

In general, the major technical problems arise at the time of connecting to the web, rather than during calls.It is striking that although the iPhone is among the models that most satisfied users have, is not among the least headaches da: there are complaints of problems, especially during calls. However for the HTC Desire users have not reported having had more complications when making or receiving calls.


Operating systems are fundamental in these devices: iOS (especially version 4) and Android (an operating system that is present in one of every 5 smartphones) are the most common and also the most valued by the respondents.

Both systems are precisely those that have more (and quality) applications.Other operating systems, such as the older versions of Symbian or Windows Mobile do not have a centralized point from which to download.

Operating Systems: Average Vote (Over 100) Of Users

The Best Apps If They Are Free

More than three-quarters of the respondents said they had more applications than those that came pre-installed on the mobile.

The graph shows the number of “apps” downloaded by respondents.1 out of 4 has more than 20. In general, it is preferable for free ones.