Smartwatch LG Mit webOS

The mysterious smartwatch shown at the conference was LG Audi and yes, running a version of webOS

CES 2015 is leaving us all kinds of wearables and smartwatch, but unfortunately the big companies have reserved their next smart watches for later. However, two days ago we could see how the Audi press conference was used a mysterious smartwatchlooked like LG to demonstrate the new technology self parking.

Since that time we wanted to know more about the smartwatch, although shortly after sources confirmed that actually is a hotel designed exclusively for Audi model running a modified version of Android Wear . Later, the Wall Street Journal published an article in which “trusted sources” confirmed the existence of a project to bring the webOS operating system to a LG smartwatch for early 2016.

However, a few hours ago all these previous reports have been completely reversed, as a medium has been able to access first person to smartwatch shown at the conference of Audi and can confirm that this is the webOS operating system and not a layer of Android Wear modified. Now at last we have all the necessary information on which it could be the next smart watch LG.

Starting with the design, we see some significant changes to the LG G Watch like LED mirror watches made by CentralledWatch. In general, the construction and materials used transmit higher quality and robustness, which ends be seasoned with 3 new physical buttons built into the right side. One is a crown, but unfortunately does not rotate like the Apple Watch not appear to have specific functions beyond the purely aesthetic.

The new OS webOS seems to be at an advanced stage and refined, so LG could bet to follow their own path

First impressions with webOS could not be more positive, the new operating system looks mature and refined, which leads us to believe that its development takes more than a couple of months running. The animations are fluid and fast, and the disposition of applications circular remind us slightly to the home screen Apple Watch.

In addition, as highlighted in The Verge, the new smartwatch incorporates 3G / 4G and NFC connectivity to interact with Audi and perhaps with other devices. We not yet know whether this will be the next smart watch that this LG, but following the logical evolution of its smartwatch line, could be facing the LG G Watch R2.