Smartwatch Running Windows 95

 A developer of 16 years has managed to modify Android Wear to run the full version of Windows 95

At the time that software developers of the largest technology companies in the world rack their brains trying to design the best user experience in a smartwatch, a young developer just 16 years has managed to carry the full version of the legendary Windows 95 your smartwatch. Exactly, the latest technology nearly 20 years ago, now available on our wrist. Is not this amazing?

The running smartwatch used was the Samsung Gear Live, the first smart watch of South Koreans with Android Wear. The young man called Corbin Davenport and this is not the only project that has been conducted in relation to the world of smartwatch. A few months ago, we could see how he managed to successfully carry a version of the legendary game Doom or most recent sales success Minecraft. We leave the videos of both a little lower.

Apparently Davenport used emulation software called aDosBox which, together with a modification of the current Android Wear, has made us “enjoy” a desktop operating system on our wrist. Yes, we can not deny that watching the classic Windows 95 desktop on the tiny screen of our watch is truly amazing and adorable, but absolutely useless.

Nevertheless, the young demonstrates how the system is completely interactuable, can open the menus, folders and programs. Albeit with patience and precision worthy most reputable surgeon. Controls to move through the system found on the touch screen smartwatch, which completely hinders the user experience.

Young also has managed to carry the games Doom and the smartwatch Minecraft

This does not stop being another example of the incredible advances in technology in recent years. At present, we have smartphones that double, triple and double again incorporating technology giant computers only a few years ago. Devices that can comfortably fit in the pocket of our pants have been able in just afew years of leaving “in diapers” to what seemed to us latest technology.

And now, seeing how the mythical Windows loading screen 95 shown in a wristwatch, we see better than ever the giant leap that technology has taken in recent years.