Sneakers-Shoes with Charm

Sneakers, a term which else means nothing in German as a “Stalker” is a collective term for shoes, not to the sport, but of women and men as a fashion accessory on the road worn.

Sneakers, which are similar to most conventional running shoes, are to wear for almost every occasion: whether to go out or in the Office, combined with chic skirts, dresses or pants, or barbecuing with friends to shorts-with the comfortable sneakers feel always and It also still good looks.

in 1985, Joschka Fischer even in sneakers to the land Minister settled swear. At that time the fashionable sneakers had become already definitively accepted clothing item for everyday due to the sports euphoria of the 80s.

After the development of the sport shoe mid-19th century, it has been produced in 1917 in mass production, then they have to play children and adults mostly by the tennis worn. in 1919, all star was for decades in North America of the converse to the epitome of comfortable sport shoe, which was also road and night out suitable for. 1920 a US advertising specialist has developed the term “Sneaker”, because he found that it “could sneak except for moccasins with such shoes”.

After which the teen idol James Dean in the 50s photographing with sneakers, these shoes were the most popular footwear of youth-and the success is till today unabated.

Are the actual reasons for wearing sports shoes and sneakers in everyday life, that being said, that’s the fashionable trend of lower cost care and lower in contrast to comfortable leather shoes price due to cheaper corresponds to, Mass production. The difference between sneakers and sneakers is in the acceptance as a dress code: Nobel restaurants or nightclubs, or also in the Casino, it is not allowed into probably with sports shoes, with sneakers already.

Sneakers is purchased only by young people, long even adults put on these shoes in old age. However, elderly of sneakers use rather in their leisure or sporting activities, whereas especially Edelsneakers are worn mainly by financially well-positioned people over the age of 40 to 50. High-quality shoes with shafts made of real leather are called Edelsneakers, which are more expensive than regular sneakers.