So You Extend the Battery Life in Your Smartphone

Extend Battery Life Smartphone

A longer battery life would most like to make their smartphones. But as pimps to the battery? We show here, the tricks you extend the battery life for your smartphone quickly könnt.

Tipp 1: Reduce the brightness of the display

The display needs of all parts of your smartphone the most energy. With a 5-inch screen that costs the battery pretty force. If you reduce the brightness, save your battery power and you have more battery life, according to For that you just open the section “Display” in the settings and disable the auto-brightness and shove the slider to the left, you can still read all good.

Tip 2: Disable Wi-Fi

If you leave the house, you should disable the wireless LAN, since otherwise your phone constantly searches for networks. This consumes a lot of electricity. The best way to unlock the WLAN only when you are home – this saves battery life.

Tip 3: Turn off GPS

Does your not the positioning of your smartphone, it turns out! Many apps determine, for example in the background your location, which is quite a drain on the battery life.

So you switch the orientation from: Taking two fingers the notification bar down and type long on the “location”, or goes to the Android settings, changes to “store” and sets the switch to “Off”. In the site menu you can also see what has accessed lately on your location apps.

Tip  4: Stop Live Wallpaper

Animated live wallpaper look great, but they are real energy hogs. Better you choose a static wallpaper.

Tip 5: Change background synchronization

Many apps load data to the background and provide you so with constantly updated news. While this is great, but also consumed properly on the battery life. If you set a lower interval in the Apps, in which the data is updated in the background, saving the energy.