Solar Powered LED Lights

Terminals solar led

The garden lighting is a place that is more overlooked. A nice outdoor decoration allows to have a good time with family or friends, but also to appreciate the work done for the maintenance of the garden even at night. It is now possible to no longer use electric cables and avoid cuts that would damage the lawn, the flower beds.

Solar technology accumulates energy and releases it during the night. Associated with the led which is a low consumption lighting, your exterior will be dressed lamp economic and ecological.

What these terminals consist solar led?

The solar Terminal comes in the form of a more or less large cylinder in the light-emitting diodes, a battery and a solar panel.

The fixing is done either by screwing the lamp, either by planting it in the ground. This choice is decided according to the ground terminal on which must be installed.

Stainless, the terminals that we have selected for you are so completely watertight and resist weather. Install them under glass poses no concern.

The shape of the terminals is different according to the models: single cylinder, strapping around the bulbs or hat on top which redirects the light to the ground.

Aesthetics is chosen according to the tastes and landscaping.

A terminal can be composed of 2 to 8 led, according to the models, which emit a white light. This type of shade is ideal for exteriors as the cold white brings a lot of light.

How have these led lamps?

The garden is a space filled with corners, walkways, of entries. His lighting can become a real headache when we need to get familiar with the area across the lawn. That’s why the solar terminals led are the solution to your problems. Completely autonomous, the Sun will bring the energy they need to operate.

Mark out a path, highlight a massive or illuminate the garden becomes a breeze. Their ultra simple installation is within the reach of all.

They will create ambience soft, hushed when they are scattered in the garden or will actually illuminate a driveway or an entry by aligning the terminals.

In order to optimize its autonomy, it is necessary to put it in a place where the sunshine is good and not shaded. Even in cloudy weather, the battery recharges.

I like to travel in a motorhome, what is for me the usefulness of this lighting?

If you’re more of a nomad: night walk, stay in caravan/camper, this type of lamp is ideal for your breaks. Exposed in the light of the day, you can then you light the night. They are very easy to transport because light. The key point for this use is also not where to stop, no degradation environmental pollution. To the solar terminals of quality, no noise doesn’t hear, no hissing, sizzling, then you can relax peacefully.

This ecological and economical LED lighting has a long service life, says But the choice of the product is very important. Quality is one of the features that we have been privileged to offer a range of performance products. These terminals are arranged among your flowers, your lawn, on the edge of a path, you can as you please move these lamps to change your lighting and atmosphere. Available in white light or RGB (multi-colour), choose a decorative effect or the bright appearance of these handy terminals!