SONICblue Launches “stereo” Hi-Fi Digital River

SONICblue has launched a new home appliances Hi-Fi your River line, called Advanced Digital Audio Center. This new “stereo” digital offers consumers the ability to store, organize and access all your personal CDs and collections of music in MP3 or Windows Media Audio

SONICblue Launches “stereo” Hi-Fi Digital River

Rio Audio Center includes features such as a music distribution center to transfer tracks to portable music players or play them in Rio receivers scattered throughout the home. The device should be appointed by the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA)-consumable Electronic Manufacturers Association-honorary prize of design innovation 2002.

the CEA and the SONICblue will demonstrate the Rio Audio Center at international fair of CEA, which will take place in Las Vegas, from 8 to 12 January 2002. “So easy to use as a CD player, but as smart as the PC”-as stated in the press release, the device can store more than 650 CDs and to burn music to a CD.

the river Audio Center allows for easy connection to optional River receivers, enabling broadcast music by other divisions of the House, through the normal telephone line. Establishing the connection by means of a PNA-Private Area Network-or via a USB Ethernet adapter, the device supports up to eight Rio receivers at a time-all with the ability to reproduce different songs simultaneously.

other components of the device are supported by a sampling of 24 bit and 96 KHz, a large liquid crystal display with advanced search features and remote control, MP3 encoding up to 320 Kbps-to obtain the maximum quality and a lower quality encoding option for download to portable players.

the river Audio Center also includes three USB ports (front and rear)-to easily transfer tracks between the device and a PC or a portable player. The doors also allow integrating a keyboard, joypad or Ethernet adapter that support USB. The music recognition service Gracenote’s CDDB catalogs CDs during recording, including information like the artists, albums and song names to facilitate future research.

A 56 Kbps modem embedded allows you to download software and updates. Alternatively, you can use the domestic broadband Internet to make faster downloads. The recommended sales price for Rio Audio Digital Center is 1,500 dollars (1,658.6 euros or 332.5 Tales), and the appliance is currently available for pre-order through the Web site of SONICblue.

For a limited period of time, each piece of equipment marketed will integrate a free Stereo for Car at wholesale price is $200 (EUR 221.1 or 44.3 Tales) on Computergees. The first units of this “digital equipment” will start to be marketed from the end of January 2002.

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