Spear Fishing Harpoon

Today we will talk about an essential element in the spear fishing: harpoon. This rig consists of several parts and manufacture varies sizes and materials, so it is very important to know how they are classified and the precautions to be taken.

When the spear fishing there is an element that is essential to carry out the specialty, this is the gun or harpoon. It takes years in the sport, although its construction was changed and today has well – defined styles, as required by the person who will use.

This rig measures may vary according to the type of capture you want to perform, but their supplies are those who categorize. Basically they can be classified into 4 major groups that derive many more, but these are wood, aluminum, carbon and tire.

Beyond that is the raw material for construction, the rifle has elements that are common to all manufacturing styles. Among them you can find the handle tube, arrows or guides, head, rope, reel, etc.


When use everyone has their way to launch the harpoon to capture prey, these variants can range from a trigger located on the handle to compressed air. Anyway the location of the person should not be too distant to fish.

Gun measures may vary, the shortest round about 50 cm, it is easy to maneuver, but serves only to certain prey. Then there are several intermediate sizes up to the largest ranging from 110 to 150 centimeters, this is for long shots.

It is very important when employing the element that the person who is prepared to be used first and once it is ready only then unlatch rig because that way you can avoid accidents. In the event that someone manufactures its own harpoon should not forget to include this piece.

There is something that should not be overlooked if you want to fish with rifle, and cleaning and maintenance after use, since the deterioration is very common if not well maintained. The first is to wash this element with fresh water, as well as accessories, and do not expose to the sun anything bearing the rigging.

Another point to consider is that when transporting the harpoon may suffer shock or drop you something over, so it is advisable to have a case. In fact there are some in which you can put up to 5 rifles.

The truth is that this element is essential in spear fishing according to Alltimefishing, hence the importance of all mentioned in the article to both their care and the security and knowledge of manufacture.