Special Street View and Search, Google is Ready for the World Cup

The World Cup starts tomorrow, as you may already be tired of knowing, and Google has prepared a number of tools to celebrate the event, ranging from hot site on Google Street View the news in search.

Starting with Street View, this hot site features images of streets decorated for the World throughout the country. Just open the map in the corner and look the streets through which the Street View car passed – has in Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Norte and Amazonas.

Also you can do a tour of the World Cup stadiums in Street View. If you want to see how their infrastructure for the site, but news: the ride is restricted to the lawn. The good side is that you hardly set foot in it in real life, then you give to have the point of view of the players.

Another hot site comes from Google Trends, which created a kind of infographic related to the terms sought at this time. It has some interesting data, such as the fact that Spain is looking more Curitiba (where the selection is concentrated) to Ibiza (usually search leader and Spanish holiday desitno) or that Brazilians are searching for fuleco twice as much for Neymar.

The site will be updated throughout the world, bringing new information about which the most sought selections, which the feeling of each country, which are the most frequently asked questions about football and the most popular players.

Finally, the search has gained special features to facilitate your search for days and times of games and results of matches. Just search for simple terms, such as “World Cup”, “Games Brazil” or even “Cup Final” to see the summary information in a block early.

Google Now, the same thing: using the answer with voice, Google’s girl gives a true discourse on the first matches of the Brazil – asking when is the first, she talks the day, time, opponent and gives the same information of the second game (tomorrow is against Croatia to 17h, Tuesday, at 16h, is against Mexico). Cup will have, yes!