Start Running: How Do I Started Jogging?

I’m on a mountain Trail , I’ve already passed the midpoint of the race, the legs start to get fatigued and weigh. I’m beginning to wonder… Why am I here? How I started running? I’m still passing kilometers and not stop take turns…

How to start running: my experience

I’ve always been passionate about sport, and like many, since childhood he had practiced another kind of sport, in my case football. He had been very football fan (and I’m still so). But arrived one day in which I was injured and I had to leave it. After a period of hiatus, the body asks you to sport, it asks for March.

This is when I started to initiate me into the Jogging. Although already knew him because my father had always practiced the famous jogging following One day, I put old sneakers he had at home and I set out to the street.

I recognize that at the beginning it was difficult, and much. It was not able to do 5 km non-stop me, it was frustrating. But when he came home my body thanking him. I felt good with my same and this made me want to return to start running the next day. At first it was a couple of kilometers, stopped, did some stretching and continued to House.

Little by little it was finding me each best and enjoyed the sport. Outputs was longer and even rhythms more low. Obviously, already not serving me the old house slippers and I I started to buy new ones. I remember that looked like a small child with my new running shoes , ready to play.

I was already wanting to go running with more people, share impressions. One day we were in one Park by the city, or even us aventurábamos in the forest. Every day passing improved sensation and I loved it. In just a couple of months I had spent running and walking to perform continuous race for 35-45 minutes.

My first trail running races

Finally, I signed my first 10km race. Who I was going to say that years later would be in a Trail of mountain, or months ago in the Valencia Marathon.

The first race was all a rise of adrenaline. Many runners, animation, music, Fellowship, laughter, photos… An environment that dazzles, leaving aside time, rhythms and competitiveness. Giving prominence to the well-being, sport, people… with the sole purpose of enjoying.

We started in the running by concern for sport, escape, clear, by personal challenges, by losing weight, by a friend, to return to return to the track of our youth, or remain young… Because it is a sport cheap, with some sportsgear and sportswear are ready to go out and enjoy. It is not very expensive to start running. After experiencing it, we are practicing jogging that gives us, both physical and mental well-being or the desire to improve.

48 km of the Mountain Trail, this is already finished. Now just enjoy the arrival.

Still not have you started you in Jogging?

To wait?