STORM Watches from Now in the Shop

We have wonderful news for you, as the Storm brand is now available in our shop.

The cult brand comes from the beautiful England. The origin lies with the couple Steve Sun and Anna Lee. They founded the label for innovative watch and jewelery design together.

At the beginning, they bought watches and added them with colored dials to give each watch an individual design. At the beginning the watches were only sold in jewelery shops. The success was not long in coming, and so the fashion-stuck couple had created the foundation to create their own label.

STORM London was born.

In 1989, the first watch sketches were designed. Inspired by the environment, everyday objects and nature, the still young company succeeded in creating individual and unique pieces of jewelery.

Immediate success was guaranteed and Storm took a strong position in this business, which they have retained until today. Because not only the individually designed watches have found an immediate charge, but also the uniquely designed dials are a must for every model lover. The constantly changing trends are also being taken up again and again in the design of new models.

Storm is a British cult brand for watches and jewelery and is marketed in over 45 countries and more than 30 of its own Storm stores. The company has firmly established itself in the market and is an important guide in the fashion industry. Find more information on this topic just at!