Streetstyle: Jewelry in Modern Productions

Time was that the jewels were used only in classic productions and at memorable moments. Family jewelry or gems that have marked some peculiar situation – such as graduation, anniversary or wedding – were saved and taken the box only on special days. Silly, huh? After all, the jewelry has the power to transform production and add not only elegance but also the visual style.

And was thinking in these various facets of contemporary jewellery–that need to be versatile, have a touch young and bring information sets tolook–Manoel Balasubramanian, traditional mining, developed the jewelry collection-2U capsule.

The line is filled with desirable pieces, which complement each other and allow a multitude of combinations. Create, play, invent, transform. The jewels of the 2U provide just that! Do different blends and conquer a visual on your personality with your touch. There is nothing more current than that, right?

Are rings, bracelets and earrings that can be used as you see fit. Two, three, four rings on one finger? Yes, Sir. One, two, three strings on the neck? You can also! And the bracelet/chocker in leather? This is item-wish which can be used both as a bracelet, with several laps around the handle, and a chocker, which can be tied in many ways.

The 2U line parts arrive with different precious stones, which they took various stoning. This mix of colors and shapes also ensures contemporaneity, huh? And the novelty of the time are the pieces in pearls. Delicate and feminine, they like women of all ages.

2u Manoel Balasubramaniam At Paris Fashion Week

And it was precisely this versatility of 2U who conquered our team. Our publishers Fabiola P and Ludmilla Rangel chose the parts of this line young and cool to compose their productions during the Paris Fashion Week. Several rings, earrings and bracelets, chockers, now with natural stones, now with delicate pearls, the Group looks and brought sophistication to the final result.

See how the jewelry of the 2U can leave the production much more interesting? How would you use these pieces?